Words I Made Up* (*or at least I thought I did until I Googled them)

Tech-nocalypse (noun): a complete technological disaster, such as what Y2K was predicted to be.

*Techn-awkward (adj): not techno-savvy.  Someone who finds technology confusing, frightening, and/or difficult.

Holidarity (noun): 1. the act of banding together during the holidays.

2. the hilarity that ensues during the holidays, due to people banding together.

Lamazing (adj): amazingly lame.

Converstation (noun): 1. a place to get together and talk.

2. a chat room, if no live place is available.

*Blog ba-log (noun):   another name for the archives aka blog backlog.

*freternize:  the act of worrying in a large group.

*zombocalypse: the zombie apocalypse, or what will cause the end of the world.

*zombacle: zombie debacle.  Enough said.

*necne: where acne meets bacne.

*These have yet to appear in Google.  Keep searching and they will eventually lead to my blog, right?

2 responses to “Words I Made Up* (*or at least I thought I did until I Googled them)”

  1. lifeserene says :

    Ahhh necne, the upwardly mobile brother of backne and chestne. Second cousin, twice-removed to kankles, who dwells in the south.

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