What I’m Writing

Mostly my thesis.  Ugh.  But I’m also working on some fun shorter stuff, including an essay comparing rollerskating to religion, an essay about all my look-alikes and name twins, a book in the 2nd person (more details later),  and a screenplay.  Whew.  I’d better get back to those.

8/22/13 UPDATE: Well, I finished draft one (or two or three or…) of my thesis in December and then moved on to my book in the 2nd person. I have about 70 pages of that. I’ve also finished some shorter pieces that I’ve submitted, some of which are making their way into the world. And I’m still working on that screenplay, as well as a novel (both of which have been back-burnered for now, but they’re percolating in the recesses of my mind).

10/15/14 UPDATE: I’m so close I can taste it on my Choose Your Own Adventure Dating Memoir. Intrigued? You should be. I’ll begin querying agents in November. I also have a couple of essays I’m submitting for publication (fingers crossed!) so I’ll let you know when and if those end up in print/online. As soon as I start querying, I’m going to begin my next book, which will be fiction this time. Exciting!

Look for links to shorter pieces on the “Where You Can Find Me Elsewhere” page. And stay tuned!

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