Sweet 16 Plus 18

Wow, that sounds old.

It’s better when you hear I’m 34, but still. Guys, I’m 34. Today. And you know what? I couldn’t be happier.


I can’t remember the last birthday I looked forward to this much. Not only is it the third 25th (of 15), but my parents and siblings are coming for dinner, and I have a boyfriend with whom to celebrate. I feel like a teenager. (Hence the title of this post.)


But, unlike a sweet sixteen-year-old, I have the wisdom of adulthood (that’s that other 18 years). I’ve lived through the tumultuous teens and terrifying twenties, and I’m well into the thrilling thirties.

And they are thrilling. I’m so close to finishing the book I can taste it, and I’ve had recent writing successes that make putting the work in easier. This year has brought several improv opportunities for my new troupe. And I already know what my Halloween costume is. Get. Excited.

There is also the aforementioned boyfriend, who continues to be wonderful. Send all of your positive energy to him today–he’s meeting my family tonight, so he needs it! (Or maybe they do?)

I’ll post a follow-up about how it goes next time, but I’ll be celebrating this whole weekend.* I took Leap Day off and I’m planning to count it as a free day. You should take a free day, too.

*It’s the Oscars! And Fuller House comes out on Netflix. What a great weekend!

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10 responses to “Sweet 16 Plus 18”

  1. Evan Kingston says :

    Happy Birthday, Sarah!

  2. Dad says :

    Happy Birthday! As one of the “Sweet Girls” in my life, you are truly one of God’s greatest gifts to me. Have a wonderful day! And don’t worry about tonight . . . we are excited with you and for you.

  3. gailmilstein says :

    I’m sending some of my positive energy to the aforementioned BOYFRIEND (sorry, I guess I’m excited, too!), and all the rest to YOU! And don’t worry about the ‘rents; when you’re happy, we’re happy!

  4. c lee tressel says :

    Happy birthday, sweet Stu! I second Coach T. and Gail’s sentiments above. Enjoy everything about this day!

  5. Michael Turner says :

    Happy Birthday again! Mom was excited about the rainbow chip cupcakes. Sorry we didn’t talk much, but I did like your boyfriend, and I got to talk with Libby some.

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