The Second 25th

I celebrated the 25th of January a day late, but not a dollar short. Tuesday, January 26 I met up with my thesis-writing group, the Merms, which has continued meeting regularly even though we all graduated three years ago. There are four of us, like the four seasons or the four cardinal directions or four sides of a square table.


We usually celebrate the holidays, well, closer to the holidays, but with our busy schedules the end of January was as close to the New Year as we could get. Which was fine by me, since I wanted something to celebrate around the 25th.

We went to the Commodore, a one-time speakeasy from the ’20s that boasted patrons like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis, Ma Barker, and John Dillinger. Not those people, but patrons like them.*

The decor is Art Deco, and there are four different rooms, so it’s easy to get lost. The wall to wall mirrors don’t help either. But there are lots of old photos of stars from the Jazz Age, and the bathroom has black marble floors and real paper towels. So fancy.

Unfortunately, one of our foursome was sick, so there were just three of us, but it was a lovely evening nonetheless. We got fried risotto (not what I expected, but delicious), and burgers. I recommend the Fitzgerald cocktail, which Krisanne had, but the Root and Rye was also medicinally delicious. I got a Stinger, which is a friend’s favorite drink. It’s definitely a sipping cocktail, but very refreshing.

We ended the evening with creme brulee split three ways and a renewed commitment to our group. I’d say that’s a pretty good evening and a wonderful 25th celebration.


I went from there to French Meadow in Minneapolis, where I met up with my newly minted improv trio, Contraband. We sometimes have a hard time finding time to practice, but we managed to have Tuesday evening free. Unfortunately, there was no practice space available, but we took the opportunity to hang out for the first time since we met for brunch during the early formation of our group.

It was wonderful.

I had another dessert–chocolate souffle, because why not?–and got to know my teammates better. They are lovely human beings, and I’m so excited to be part of something with them.


We had our first performance last Sunday, and it was magical. I ended the set in Mike’s arms singing “Hello My Baby” as a drunk frat boy who got that singing frog tattooed on his bicep. You just had to be there.

If you missed it, don’t fret my pets, we have two more coming up: this Sunday and next Sunday. So, Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day. But I promise they will be worth it, not only because my teammates are stellar, but because the other teams performing are also amazing. I laughed so hard when I was in the audience. Come check us out at HUGE Theater starting at 8 PM. It’s pay-what-you-want and they serve beer.

And check back later this week for another post!

*Kidding, it totally was them.

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