15 25’s to 35



Party in the Air, photo courtesy of Kim on Flickr

In 15 months, I’ll be 35. Actually, 14 months exactly after Christmas, but who’s counting? That means counting December 25 (and my 35th birthday) there are 15 25’s (the 25th of the month) to age 35.

I’m not dreading it, necessarily, though I tend to do better in the even years so I’m a little more excited for 34, but I also feel like after a certain point, the only exciting birthdays are the decades (and often they’re not exciting so much as noteworthy). What about the half-decades? What about every month? Every day? Okay, maybe that’s taking it a little far, but what if we found something to celebrate every month, on purpose?

That’s my goal for the next 15 months, anyway. I picked the 25th because it’s my favorite number, but also because my birthday falls on that date. And, admittedly, it’s an easy goal, since two of those 25ths are Christmas. But, that still leaves eleven 25ths* to find some way to celebrate, whether it’s by going to a show or dinner with a friend, or even a dance party in my living room at home.


Vignette Party, photo courtesy of Jake Stimpson on Flickr

In addition to this conscious carousing,** I plan to do something for someone else on or around that day. Helping others makes me feel good, and I’m trying to be more intentional with that as well.

Wanna celebrate with me? Have an idea for something we could do? Know a good volunteer opportunity on or around the 25th of the month? Let’s schedule something!****

*Also subtracting the two birthdays that fall between (on) now and then.

**Sensible celebrating? Mindful merry-making? Forced feting?***

***I’m hoping it won’t feel forced, but instead will be something I look forward to each month.

****And then I’ll post about it, of course.

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