NaBloPoWriMo Crow-vember: Day 30

Crow-vember has come to an end. I’m kind of sad to see it go, although it will be nice to have some extra time in the evenings that I would otherwise be devoting to writing posts. Here are the final stats:

Not a man.

I LOVE stats!

Crow went to my eye doctor, two family Thanksgivings, improv practice, and work. We did laundry and made my bed. We voted. We decorated for Christmas. We watched When Harry Met Sally. We (well, they) dressed like Vikings. We made creamed onions.

Steamed onions for the creamed onions.

Steamed onions for the creamed onions.

I posted 27 out of 30 days this month and wrote a total of 9,441 words or an average of 349.67 per post. I also posted 115 (!) photos, for an average of 4.25 per day. I’ve had a total of 745 page views this month and 348 visitors, for an average of 24.83 views and 11.6 visitors per day. I’d say that’s pretty great, wouldn’t you?

I didn’t reach my page-views goal for the year, but there’s still time. The site doesn’t know if you refresh (or it didn’t keep track of these before) and I can’t tell who each visitor is (just the country you’re viewing from), so if you’d like to make my December, check in here multiple times a day. You don’t even have to read the posts. 😉

Happy December!



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2 responses to “NaBloPoWriMo Crow-vember: Day 30”

  1. Dad (or Mom) says :

    Hands down I love your blogs the best (and you too!). Thanks for brightening up my/our November.

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