NaBloPoWriMo Crow-ember: Day 22

Today, I showed the bots all of my phones, from my first cordless phone in college through my new iPhone. I find it interesting that they started out pretty small and got smaller, then larger. And some people’s phones now are like small tablets. I mean, the middle two (blue ones) are roughly the size of a pack of gum! Much easier to fit in a pocket. Or your boot.


Remember when the thinking was that phones were going to get smaller, not bigger?



The bots were amazed. I didn’t even touch on rotary phones (which we had when I was growing up), calling pre-caller ID, or even corded phones.

Crow got really excited when I told him he could have my old phone, though.


I’m sorry if he texted anyone. I put a block on data, so that should be okay.

Unfortunately, my grand plan to merely transfer contacts from my next oldest phone to this new one didn’t work. The battery in my older phone won’t charge for some reason, and I can’t even turn it on to transfer the numbers one by one, so if we know each other in real life, can you do me a favor and text me? My number’s the same; I can’t contact you, though. 😦 It’s very sad.

I should have better news tomorrow. And my favorite holiday is coming up, so this week should be good!


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