NaBloPoWriMo Servo, Day 11: Veteran’s Day

It’s Veterans Day, so I thought I’d re-blog this post from last year, since it has some great information on how you can support your local veterans. Crow also had this message:

Thank you, Veterans! – Sarah

Sarah in Small Doses

Tom Servo and I would like to take a post to say thank you to the United States armed forces, both current and veteran, for their service to this country. Whatever your feelings about the outcomes a week ago, you and I have the privilege of living in a democracy where we are allowed to voice our opinions without fear of governmental retribution, of living in a country where we all are afforded the opportunity to vote on who governs us. The responsibility for protecting this country and these freedoms falls on the shoulders of the women and men in all branches of the military, serving both domestic and abroad. They sacrifice so we don’t have to, and for those sacrifices I say, “Thank you.”

Tom Servo: Grateful Tom Servo: Grateful

Today we honor veterans, but veterans (and all military personnel) deserve to be recognized for their contributions every day. Here are some…

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