NaBloPoWriMo Crow-vember: Day 10

We’re a third of the way through the month, and aside from the first day, I’ve had a post up each day. Not too bad. I’ve had 385 views for the month, or an average of 43 a day, with last Friday being my most-viewed day, at 109. Here’s the thing: I’m hoping to hit as many total views for the year as I did last year, and I’m behind. I’d need to get 56 views a day from now until the end of December in order to hit that, and I probably won’t get a new post up every day in December.

Birds in Art Crow 2 Birds in Art Crow

But you can help: if you follow this blog or have a favorite post (or two), please share them. Think of one person you know who might enjoy one of the posts and email it to them. Or share it on Facebook. Or just check in each day. I know stats don’t really mean anything, but they’re a way to measure the “success”* of this blog in a tangible way, and they may help me in the future with publishing my book.

Speaking of books, Crow was in need of some TLC last night, so while I went to Zumba and my writing group, he read up about Birds in Art and hung out with our friend Ducky. Here are some pictures he took of Ducky’s new friends.

Duck Duck Duck

Duck Duck Duck

Some were better than others.

Literary Ducky


Wheres the angel ducky?

Where’s the angel ducky?

Or, more heroic.

Super Ducky

Crow decided to take a bath to unwind, so when I got home from my writing group, this is what I found in the bathroom.

Bath Time for Crow

I appreciated that he didn’t get bubbles everywhere, but I was kind of hoping to take a bath myself, so I was a little disappointed to find the tub occupied. Oh well. Maybe tonight?

*I already feel successful every time, every time someone tells me they enjoyed a post. Truly. It really means a lot that people read this; I’m grateful for that every day. Even though I’m slow to post sometimes. So whether you’ve checked in once or you’ve read every post, I appreciate it. Thank you.


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