NaBloPoWriMo Crow-vember: Day 7

Last night’s reading went really well. It was wonderful to hear the other writers read their work and to be placed alongside such talent, both in the journal and in the reading. I want to give a special thank you to those of you who made it; I was touched to have so many friendly faces in the audience, including my family, who joked that they were going to bring an air horn, foam fingers, and other noisemakers. While I’m glad they didn’t, I do appreciate the enthusiastic support. And, I appreciate all the texts, emails, and messages of encouragement before and after the reading. They really mean a lot.

If you couldn’t make it, don’t fret. You can see me read tomorrow (Sunday, November 8) at Claddagh Coffee in St. Paul at noon. I won’t be reading that piece, but I’ll have something else to share. You can also purchase the journal, Water~Stone Review, by following the link. All of the pieces people read last night were great, so you won’t be disappointed.

Today was another busy day, with some cleaning and odds and ends. I finally convinced Crow to take off his Halloween costume, but he wasn’t thrilled about it. I promised him if he did he could come with me to the Saturday Improv Jam, so that made it a little better.

Crow T. Robot: Improvisor

He did a pretty good job, considering he has never been in an improv class. He’s so earnest that he had no trouble with “yes, and”-ing. He needs to work on his third person entrances, though.

Crow T. Robot: Improvisor

And he made a new friend. Here’s Crow with Michael. Crow had just tried to not-so-covertly* steal Michael’s wallet. Thankfully, Michael didn’t hold it against him. We had fun improvising, and I’ll have more about that soon, so check back.

People have thrown the term “basic” around a lot lately, which, according to Urban Dictionary, is “1. Used to describe someone devoid of defining characteristics that might make a person interesting, extraordinary, or just simply worth devoting time or attention to, 2. Lacking intelligence and unable to socialize on even an elementary level, and/or 3. Annoyingly frustrating because of the [first two].”

I’ve heard it used particularly with respect to people following a trend or acting unoriginal, but I object to the harshness behind that. If we didn’t have the basics, or fundamentals, we wouldn’t be able to build and grow and be original. You have to learn the alphabet before you can read and write.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook yesterday “we’re all a little bit basic,” which, when you consider the actual definition of basic–forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental, or the essential facts or principles of a subject or skill–is kind of beautiful, and when you consider the scientific definition of basic, and the fact that the pH of the human body is 7.4, is kind of true.

After the practice, I stopped in Target to pick up contact solution, and discovered that my friend was right. Everything is a little bit basic.

Image110720151832131 Image110720151831221

I hope to see some of you tomorrow!



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