NaBloPoWriMo Crow-vember: Day 5

One of my favorite people was born today: it’s my brother’s birthday! Last year we sent him cookies, but we didn’t have time this year with Halloween and all. Sorry, Michael! I hope this sign and card make up for it. They insisted on wearing their costumes.

Happy Birthday, Michael

While we’re doing shout-outs, I wanted to give a shout out to my friend Lisa’s bakery. She makes delicious (and custom) items from cakes to pies to cupcakes and everything you can think of that’s sweet. Check her out:


Also, after the laundry we did yesterday, Crow helped me put clean bedding on my bed. Someone got a little excited about the pillows.


Ermegerd: Perllers!

DSC03607 DSC03609 DSC03611

What are you excited about today?

Don’t forget to message me your ideas for Crow-vember. What would you like to see Crow do?


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2 responses to “NaBloPoWriMo Crow-vember: Day 5”

  1. Michael Turner says :

    Wow, thank you for the birthday wishes and the card. Very clever on the domain name. And lol on Crow’s exclamation. I was excited about getting a nice birthday meal.

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