NaBloPoWriMo Crow-vember: Day 4

How you can tell its laundry day here. Yes, those are Christmas socks.

How you can tell its laundry day here. Yes, those are Christmas socks.

Day 4 has been quite eventful: At the end of the workday, I went to the dentist for a filling (sadface), but they used plenty of novocaine so I didn’t feel anything. Like, anything. Half my face was numb, so when I smiled or spoke or sipped, that side of my face didn’t move the way it normally does. Drinking water from a glass proved especially interesting. Not only did it feel really weird (I couldn’t feel the glass on half of my face) but I’m sure I looked ridiculous. Actually, I know I looked ridiculous because Crow told me so.

Best smile I could muster.

Best smile I could muster.

I told him there was a pile of laundry to be done and it seemed like he just volunteered to do it. He was not amused. I also pointed out that it’s four days after Halloween and he’s still in his costume, maybe he should take it off so we could wash it. He acted like I was the meanest person ever for even suggesting that. This guy. I suppose I can let him wear it a few more days.


I did make him help me with the laundry, though. I mean, it’s only fair, right? He was super chatty and it made me miss my days working in the UWEC laundry. We used to play the movie game: pick a letter and take turns naming every movie you can think of that starts with that letter, eliminating people when they can’t come up with a response until there’s only one person left. I loved that game. We also would fold sheets in pairs and compete to see which pair could fold the fastest. I still fold my bedding the way our boss directed us to do.*


Crow was helpful folding, sorting. I mean, sort of. He definitely liked sorting more than folding, but that’s okay because I LOVE TO FOLD CLOTHES! Truly. I hate doing laundry, meaning the sorting, pre-treating, washing, and switching loads over, but give me a warm pile of newly washed clothes and I’m happy as a little clam. Or Crow. Look at him (above). He looks so enthusiastic. All the time.


Someone passed out because of the folding.

We didn’t make it to trivia, unfortunately. Maybe next week. But in the meantime, we’ll keep busy. Stay tuned…


*There was a whole system for folding each type of linen. If memory serves me right, there was even a diagram of each.


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