NaBloPoWriMo Crow-vember: Day 3

It was Election Day, and I voted! Crow was going to accompany me, but he found out he wasn’t registered and they don’t allow photos inside the polling place, so he decided not to go. I had an audition later in the evening, so I told the bots to behave while I was out. They said they were just going to play dress up, and–I thought–watch Netflix. I told Crow I’d give him my sticker when I got back, since I gave one to Tom last year. DSC03600

Little did I know that while I was out, Crow did all the dishes! My kitchen looked like this before I left:

Tom Servo: Bad Roommate

Pretty bad, I know. I’ve been sick and busy, and busy being sick.

Tom Servo: Dishwashing Failure

And this is what it looked like after I got back:


Crow T. Robot: Dishwasher Extraordinaire.

Crow T. Robot: Dishwasher Extraordinaire.

He was so proud of himself. It was really sweet and cute.

Ice Cubes!

He even helped refill the ice cube trays. What a great roommate! Meanwhile, Tom Servo couldn’t be bothered to even help dry. Apparently, he was very busy binge-watching CSI: NY, according to my Netflix history. We’ll have to talk about chores and responsibility and being part of the family another time. But Crow definitely earned his sticker. Tonight: the dentist? Laundry? Trivia? We’ll see…


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