NaBloPoWriMo: Crow-vember, Days 1 and 2

It’s Crow-vember here and we’re very busy. I promised Crow, after NaBloPoWriMo Servo from last year, that this November I’d do Crow-vember. I feel bad because he’s the second robot I built, and as a result, I didn’t have as much time to spend with on him. It’s kind of like a second kid, ya know?

Anyway, the same thing happened this year when making their costumes. I spent a lot of time on R2D-Tom; C3P-Crow was rushed, as a result, and it ended up being half the costume I’d planned. But it worked out because he still looks like C3PO. Mostly because he is already gold.

He was a pretty good sport, though, especially since I never gave him a full body in the first place and his arms keep coming unattached. What can you do?


For the first day of Crow-vember, we all stayed in and watched movies. I did some cleaning; the bots did not, despite my repeated requests (you pick your battles). They did do some straightening while I was at work yesterday, though. And Crow said he’d go vote with me today, so that’s nice.

Last night I had to run some errands, so Crow got to go for a ride with me. While I ran in to FedEx Office, Crow decided he was going to drive.


He looks a little too comfortable, don’t you think? At least he did the courteous thing and unlocked/opened my door for me. The manners lessons are working!


He wanted to take a photo in front of the store as proof he was there, so I said he could. He’s still in his costume because he won’t take it off. Again, you pick your battles.


He always looks so happy. So easy to please. That’s what I love about him.

Well, tomorrow you’ll have another thing to hear about: Election day.


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