Happy (belated) Halloween from Princess Leia, R2D-Tom, and C3P-Crow

Well, Halloween was technically Saturday, but, as my mom pointed out, the celebrations have been stretched out for years now. I don’t mind. I really like this holiday, and not even remotely for the candy. It’s the costumes. It’s the make-believe. It’s the chance to be creative and build something using imagination and stuff you can find from Ax-Man Surplus Store and Ace Hardware.*

This year I put a costume on last year’s costume and went as Princess Leia and her two droids: R2D-Tom and C3P-Crow. I had a different costume in mind,** also a costume on a costume, but I ran out of time to make it and decided to go with what I had planned for next year since there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out in December.***

Once I figured out what I was going to be, I had to build the costumes. I saw on YouTube there’s a way to make Princess Leia’s iconic side buns using socks and hair bands. Since I have brown socks and hair bands, this seemed like a great trick. No. No, it was not. I have layered hair and am not great at fixing it myself, plus it’s very slippery, so despite multiple attempts I was not able to use this trick.****

Fortunately, there is something called a bun maker (yes, that is a real thing) to pad your hair and make it seem like you have much more. And Walgreens sells them. Unfortunately, one of the two I initially bought had been shoplifted from the box, so I had to make a second trip. Once I had both, though, the buns were much easier to create.

"Help me Obi-Wan. Youre my only hope."

“Help me Obi-Wan. You’re my only hope.”

The bulk of R2D-Tom’s costume is a 2 liter bottle I pulled from my recycling. I cut the top off and put the screw-top neck off to the side as R2’s projector, then spray-painted the whole thing in my friend Meg’s garage (thanks, Meg!) before painting in the finer details.

DSC03579 DSC03581 DSC03582

The arms (legs?) are empty toilet paper tubes (also snagged from recycling) that I painted and attached to him with tape and a twist-tie (to give it that authentic home-made look). A small red end-cap thingy (found at Ax-Man) and some silver marker completed the look. The pièce de résistance (and my big splurge)***** was a 24-pack of LED lights, of which one I placed in the projector part for authenticity.

The projector works!

The projector works!

C3P-Crow proved much harder, in part because (again) he was my second project. I felt like I wouldn’t have much to do, since he is already gold, like C3PO, and I couldn’t do much to alter his shape and overall appearance. My plan was to mimic the rounded gold breast plate piece and wiring of his lower torso. I cut up an old black swimsuit (for the background) and started twisting multi-colored wires together. And then I quickly gave up. (Sorry, Crow!)


I ended up abandoning the abdomen part for Crow. It just didn’t work. But his breastplate looks pretty good, thanks to gold spray paint and a round metal piece from Ax-Man. For my outfit, I used a shirt my sister handed-down******, blue cords, and boots befitting Han Solo’s main squeeze. I paired it all with a bracelet (as a nod to the gold bikini) and had that as my main look at work and around town. When it came time to really show off the costume, however, I covered up with a white robe on backwards (also a YouTube tip) to mimic Princess Leia’s high-collared frock in “A New Hope.”

DSC03588 IMG_0298 IMG_0306

It was really fun making this costume, and the effort paid off: at the Brave New Workshop Mainstage post-show costume contest, I (we?) won first place:******* a pair of tickets to BNW, $25 gift certificate to Pinstripes Bowling, a spa package including a $25 gift certificate to   and some samples, and a bottle of wine. Not too shabby.

Here’s what it looked like at work:


I’m sorry I’m late in posting this, and that I don’t have a post for the first two days of Crow-vember, but I’ll have something again tomorrow. Happy (belated) Halloween!  -Sarah

*Shout-out to both: I bought a lot of supplies at Ax-Man, and paint and tag board from Ace Hardware.

**You’ll just have to wait until next year to find out. Sorry!

***Yes, I already have a ticket. 🙂

****But multiple people mentioned it to me in the past few weeks. How have I not heard of this before?

*****It wasn’t that expensive, but the shipping was really the doozy, since I had to have it guaranteed by the end of last week.

******Which her husband called her Luke Skywalker shirt

*******I’m 5 for 5 of Halloween costume contests entered and won.


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