Good Carma

I’m sorry it’s been quiet over here. Things have been busy. Most recently, I survived the Ides of July, which is especially good since I got a new car! Woop woop. It was a long six months, but it was really worth the wait. It’s a 2007 Subaru Legacy and I’ve had it just over a week. It’s blue! It has so many buttons and bells and whistles! And a moonroof! I need to figure out a name for my sweet ride, but she drives like a dream.

Speaking of dreams, I had a dream that Lil’ Kim was on a show called Brides-to-Be (which was like a post-Bachelorette type of show) and she had to 1) learn how to knit and 2) finish an entire row of the end of a rainbow-colored scarf (she was using black yarn) within 30 seconds in order to win something. She did not succeed, which stressed me out. It also bothered me that a lot of the challenges appeared to buy into gender stereotypes (knitting, cooking, various child-related activities).

I also had a dream that a guy I used to work with and I were playing quidditch against other people we used to work with and (spoiler alert) we won. Speaking of spoilers, my new car has one. You know what it doesn’t have? An antenna. Did you notice cars don’t have those anymore? Weird. Some of them have weird stumpy ones on their back ends, but apparently they’re now putting them into wires in the back window or front windshield. Huh.

My car has a spare tire and a jack set! I just had to say that.

Other things I’ve been up to:

I went home for the 4th of July and saw two nights of fireworks in a row. And the Blue Angels were in town, which was cool because we got to watch them from the cheap seats (my parents’ front yard).

Speaking of seeing cool things, I saw Toad the Wet Sprocket last week and they were amazing. I forgot how good they were in the 90s.

Speaking of decades of the past, about a month and a half ago, I participated in a lip-dub video for the Loft Literary Center’s 40th Birthday. It was really fun! They’re having a 40 in 40 Event (40 literary events in 40 hours) next month, so check those out if you get a chance.

Speaking of videos, I was at a coffee shop last weekend and the barista* asked me if I’d been on Minimum Fare–my first stranger recognition! Very cool. Plans are in the works to make more of those. And I’ve been blogging pretty steadily on Tuesday nights. We do a live-chat of bad movies. It’s really fun. You should join us! Check in at Bitter Critic (keywords Cinéma Atroce) on Tuesday nights and we’ll start the chat around 9 PM. July is Shark Month, so next week it’ll be Mega Shark v. Mecha Shark, and the week after that we’ll be watching Sharknado 2: The Second One. I also had a piece about live-blogging published at Bitter Endings.

I have a couple of long pieces I’ve been working on that should be up here in the coming weeks, so keep checking back. And Happy Day After The Ides of July!

*I know it’s wrong, but I feel like the male version of this should be barrister.


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2 responses to “Good Carma”

  1. Michael Turner says :

    Congratulations on the car. We should take it for a joy-ride sometime (blasting 80’s pop tunes, of course) 😉 Best scene from Sharknado was the flying leap with a chainsaw into a giant great white with the girlfriend still alive in its stomach from 20 minutes earlier.

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