Christmas, 1982 by Sarah Elizabeth Turner

Hey guys! I wrote this flash essay and it’s on the Brevity blog as part of their Holiday Smiles contest. Click on the link to go to the Brevity blog web page, then make sure you’re in the page for this post so you can vote and comment there. Like it, share it, tweet it, post it on Facebook, email it around, etc. because the fan favorite wins a prize! Thank you! The contest runs through December 31, so if you want to submit, you still have some time. Thank you! – Sarah

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Another Christmas Smile:

joyI sit on Gram’s lap drowning in a maroon velour sailor dress, feet curled in white tights, not yet of walking age. Gram’s graceful, piano-playing fingers rest on my leg, her pointer upraised behind the bow of my dress, caressing the fabric. Her right arm supports me, the seventh of her thirteen grandchildren, although I turn ten months old tomorrow and have long been able to sit up on my own, to scoot around after my older brother.

Gram and I face each other, matching smiles on our faces.  It’s hard to believe it’s Christmas because the room’s empty except for us and whoever’s behind the camera.  We take no notice of this mysterious person; Our smiles are only for each other.

Next Christmas my mom will be pregnant with my sister. Later Christmases we’ll all file down into the basement around the fake tree, which stands…

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