Things We Said At Thanksgiving

I know Thanksgiving was two weeks ago (what?), and we’re all gearing up for Christmas (which is two weeks from today (!)) but, in all the hubbub around Tom Servo’s visit, I didn’t get a chance to comment on some of the more…interesting comments made at Thanksgiving. In addition to the old standbys “Where is the carpet cleaner?” and “What is that smell?” there were a few new gems. No surprise here: most of them involved kids.

I was riding in the car with my cousin Jonathon’s three kids when Cora piped up from the back, “My ex-boyfriend, George…” I said, “How do you have an ex-boyfriend? You’re eight!”

Following the boyfriend/girlfriend discussion, Cora’s younger brother, Nathan, chimed in, “It’s hard to break up with someone you love.” While I completely agree, I wondered how he could already know that since he’s five.

Meanwhile, when we got back to my parents’ house, the other five-year-old at the holiday, Braden, came up from the basement with a can of beer. He handed it to me in the hallway as if someone had requested it, so I asked who it was for. His younger sister, Aubrey, age 2 1/2, whispered: “It’s mommy’s.” Their mom doesn’t drink beer.

I went into the living room and sweetly asked, “Did someone ask Braden to get them a beer?” to which all of the adults erupted in laughter, only laughing harder when I told them Aubrey’s response.

Makinley (19 months) didn’t say much, but she did show off her skills in walking backwards. She’s pretty talented. And she had lots of hugs for the other toddler, Roark, who turns 2 a month from today. He’s the one pictured here with Tom Servo.

Tom Servo meets tiny human.

Tom Servo meets tiny human.

All the kids (big and small) got excited about the statue game, where you move around until someone says “Freeze!” and then you have to stay in one position (not moving a muscle) to see who can outlast everyone. Some people were better at this than others. (Ahem, Roark.) It was really cute to see the littles try, though. Some of us bigger kids (my sister and I) had a hard time not laughing at some of the kids’ antics. Like when Roark froze for a second, then started jumping around, or when he came up and hugged my leg, thus breaking my concentration.

It was worth it.

At one point in the evening, my aunt Beth tried to sell me on a pair of SpiritFingerz™, saying she was surprised I wasn’t more jazzed* about them because I’m so outgoing. I responded, “I’m outgoing, not obnoxious.”**

What are SpiritFingerz™? They’re cotton gloves with a pom on each finger–totally useless for doing anything other than cheering. Which, I guess, is the main thing you do at a game.

Tom Servo: Spirit Fingerz

Tom Servo: Spirit Fingerz

But you can’t even clap in them. I have to admit, though, that when my sister put them on during the Badger-Gopher, the Badgers started winning, so I guess I shouldn’t rag on them*** too much. (They appear to have done nothing this past weekend, though.)

I don’t know about you, but after posting every day for a month, once-a-week posts feel so few and far-between. I did use the time to work on other writing projects, though, so that was nice. My latest video is up at Minimum Fare on YouTube. You should check it out! And I’ve updated “What I’m Reading” and “Where You Can Find Me Elsewhere” so take a gander at those pages as well. Happy Thursday!

*Or jazz-handsed, if you will.

**Some may disagree.

***Or rag-bag them.


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