NaBloPoWriMo Servo: Day 24

Well, it’s the Monday before Thanksgiving, and I told the robots that they were welcome to spend the holiday weekend with my family. Tom Servo jumped up and down and clapped his hands (okay, he didn’t really do that, but he said he’d love to come), but Crow said he’d have to pass. He felt like that would be too many people and he didn’t want to intrude. Really, I think it’s that the football lineup on Thursday features some exciting match-ups and he didn’t want to share the TV or be social. Also, as the namesake of a bird, he told me he finds the holiday a little disturbing. I told him to keep an eye on the apartment and help himself to anything in the fridge.

Tom Servo: Champion Hider

Okay, technically this is the freezer.

For those of you looking for something to watch besides football and the Macy’s parade, there’s going to be a MST3K Turkey Day Marathon* – they will be live-streaming classic episodes of MST3K throughout the day – so you should check it out. You can watch it live by clicking this link.

Check in tomorrow to find out what Crow’s been up to this month. And one last plea to stay home on Thanksgiving. If you do, I’ll be ever so thankful! – Sarah

*Tom heard “Marathon” and got really panicky; I had to explain that it isn’t a race, just back-to-back episodes of the show, and he asked why that’s called a marathon and not a relay race, which he felt made more sense. I didn’t have a good answer, but I have to agree. Thoughts?


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