NaBloPoWriMo Servo: Day 21

After we watched Bucky do a bunch of push-ups when the Badgers won last Saturday, Tom Servo decided that he wanted to get in better shape. So he tried doing push-ups himself.

Tom Servo: Exercisist.

Tom Servo: Exercisist.

He had pretty good form. I told him he needed to go all the way up and down.

His nose didn't quite touch the floor.

His nose didn’t quite touch the floor.

But he did a nice plank.

Tom Servo: Exercisist

He struggled a little with the weights.

Tom Servo: Lightweight

Tom Servo: Lightweight

But excelled at the wall-sit. He could do that for hours.


He found my Denise Austin DVD buried under a couple of others and pointed out that it hadn’t even been opened. I felt like that was a little accusatory. But, he was right, and I’ve also been meaning to get in better shape, tone my core and whatnot.

Tom Servo: Accountability Partner

Tom Servo: Accountability Partner

So I put it in and tried it out. It wasn’t that bad, and I think I could do at least part of it a couple of times a week.

Denise Austin: Workout Guru.

Denise Austin: Workout Guru.

Nothing says workout gear like a sleeveless turtleneck, amiright?


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