NaBloPoWriMo Servo, Day 20: When Mary Met Servo

Last night my friend Mary came over to watch When Harry Met Sally. It’s our yearly holiday tradition (well, this was the second annual, but I think we need to make it a permanent ritual), and it goes like this: we send WHMS quotes to each other leading up to the day of our get-together; then, after work, we settle in for the movie with food, wine or beer, and an egg timer.

When Mary Met Servo

When Mary Met Servo

Wait, an egg timer? Yes. We set it for an arbitrary time (this year was 8 minutes) and when it goes off we pause the movie and try to say the next line word for word.

I’ve seen this movie probably two dozen times. I watch it when I’m sad. I watch it when I’m in love. I watch it on sick days, rainy days, and when I don’t know what else to watch. I watch it around New Year’s when the world feels new, and I watch it when I’ve lost faith in love and humanity. I watch it just for the line Harry delivers at the end: “It’s not because I’m lonely and it’s not because it’s New Year’s Eve; I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” Sigh. Nora Ephron sure could write.

But even though I’ve watched it so many times, I still don’t have the whole script memorized. Darn. Maybe next year…

Tom enjoyed meeting Mary, but then he tried to make a pass at her and when she turned him down he wouldn’t let it lie. Perhaps they’ll get it together in ten years.

Here’s a weird coincidence, though: Facebook informed me (via the “When Harry Met Sally” page) that it was Meg Ryan’s birthday yesterday–how cool is that? I hope she celebrated with a sandwich at Katz’s Deli and a nice slice of some pe-can pie.

Also, this is my 150th blog post! I know 20 of them have been this month (!) but it still feels like a milestone. Thanks for sharing it with me! -Sarah


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2 responses to “NaBloPoWriMo Servo, Day 20: When Mary Met Servo”

  1. Michael says :

    Congrats on 150 blogs! I should try that egg timer thing with Tombstone, although I have slipped lately. Happy Belated Birthday Meg Ryan! Is that the scene where she is super dramatic about how delicious the pie is, and then another lady tells her waitress “I’ll have what she is having”? Was it Billy Crystal or Tom Hanks? What has Crow been doing lately?

  2. Sarah in Small Doses says :

    Thanks, Michael! And thanks for being such a faithful reader and commenter. I appreciate it so much. I was thinking I could probably do the egg timer thing with Wayne’s World and Dumb and Dumber, but maybe not so much anymore. Maybe we’ll try it at Thanksgiving? The scene in Katz’s Deli is from WHMS, and the woman who says “I’ll have what she’s having” is the director’s mom. Fun fact! It was Billy Crystal in that scene, although Meg Ryan has been in three movies with Tom Hanks. I’ve got a post about what Crow’s been up to coming up next Tuesday! Don’t worry, he’s been keeping himself occupied.

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