NaBloPoWriMo Servo: Day 18

Things got a little weird.

I came home from work to find this:

Tom Servo: Cross Dresser?

Tom Servo: Cross Dresser?

Apparently, Tom Servo has always been curious about women’s clothing, since he’s only been around men (and Gypsy) on the Satellite of Love. I told him I had a pair of heels that might match his outfit better, so he put on these.

Tom Servo: Fashionista

Tom Servo: Fashionista

Then he tried on a collar my sister’s mother-in-law made and pretended it was a sash and he was in a pageant.

Tom Servo: Pageant Winner

Tom Servo: Pageant Winner

Then I suggested he might be more comfortable in a sensible pair of flats. He agreed.

"These are way more comfortable. So much room in the toes!"

“These are way more comfortable. So much room in the toes!”

I told him I didn’t mind him borrowing items from my closet, now that we’re roommates, but he should probably ask before he goes through my clothes/shoes because that made me a little uncomfortable. He agreed that was a fair request.


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