NaBloPoWriMo Servo, Day 11: Veteran’s Day

Tom Servo and I would like to take a post to say thank you to the United States armed forces, both current and veteran, for their service to this country. Whatever your feelings about the outcomes a week ago, you and I have the privilege of living in a democracy where we are allowed to voice our opinions without fear of governmental retribution, of living in a country where we all are afforded the opportunity to vote on who governs us. The responsibility for protecting this country and these freedoms falls on the shoulders of the women and men in all branches of the military, serving both domestic and abroad. They sacrifice so we don’t have to, and for those sacrifices I say, “Thank you.”


Tom Servo: Grateful

Tom Servo: Grateful

Today we honor veterans, but veterans (and all military personnel) deserve to be recognized for their contributions every day. Here are some ways you can make a difference in the life of a veteran and give back to someone who has given so much to all of us:

–Donate money. There’s a lot of veterans/military-related charities that need monetary (and other) donations. Wounded Warrior Project, USO, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), etc. and the other organizations linked below.

–Volunteer at the VA. I used to help out with Bingo on Friday nights and it was very entertaining.

–Send them mail. Through organizations such as Operation Write Home, you can either make/buy a bunch of cards for military personnel to send to their friends and family (to help them keep in touch overseas) or you can send AnyHero mail: personal notes to service personnel that is included in the blank card shipments. They have tips, guidelines, and requests at their website. There are other organizations (Operation Gratitude, Thank a Veteran, etc.) that provide similar services.

Homes for Our Troops. They need people to help build/adapt homes for wounded veterans all over the country (I checked and there’s an event coming up for a veteran just outside of Minneapolis). In addition to actually helping with the construction, volunteers are needed for fundraising and community awareness events (working tables, spreading the word, etc.) which is great for someone who isn’t able to contribute physical labor.

–Visit. Many veterans are in hospitals far from home and far from their unit. Taking the time to stop by and chat can mean a lot to someone who is in recovery, especially if they’re a long way from home.

–Say thank you. It’s simple, it costs nothing, and it might just make someone’s day. Regardless of your view on war, everyone in the U.S. has benefited from the actions of our military. Two words.

Thank You, Veterans!

Relatedly, I watched the documentary The Invisible War and it was eye-opening and heartbreaking. A special thank you to the women in the military, for serving in additionally hostile environments. Keep fighting the good fight. -Sarah


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    It’s Veterans Day, so I thought I’d re-blog this post from last year, since it has some great information on how you can support your local veterans. Crow also had this message:

    Thank you, Veterans! – Sarah

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