NaBloPoWriMo Servo: Day 10

While Tom Servo was looking stuff up on the internet the other day, he stumbled upon a story about Katie Melua, a singer from the U.K. Apparently, she was hearing a rustling noise in her ear so she went to the doctor, and he discovered that she had a spider living in her ear. FOR A WEEK.  Tom Servo doesn’t mind spiders that much–they eat mosquitos and other annoying bugs–but he doesn’t want them living IN HIM. I mean, spiders living in the apartment is one thing, as long as we can all retire to our separate corners. But a bug taking up residence inside you is just gross. I told him that’s a one-in-a-million scenario so he shouldn’t worry. He came to me last night and said he was hearing a rustling and could I check it out for him.


I told him I thought it was nothing…


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