Don’t Just Taste, Eat the Rainbow, Part 2

As a follow up to last week’s post, here are some of my favorite comments from the website. I especially love “you are histories [sic] greatest monster,” “DON’T TOUCH THE BLUEBERRY MUFFINS,” and “You are a factory of sadness.” Here they are:


By rainbow_chip_lover

144 days ago

Generic and lame it’s like I’m on the Pillsbury Funfetti website. Betty if you wanted new customers you could have put the rainbow chips in a plastic tub on top of the icing instead of nasty sprinkles like everyone else. Heads up we can all buy our own sprinkles but we can’t make Rainbow Chips. You didn’t change the cake to sprinkles so why the icing? I can definitely make my own buttercream with sprinkles. Hopefully someone at Betty Crocker recognizes the error of the decision to change to this generic replacement!

By BringItBack2013

142 days ago

WE THE PEOPLE demand Rainbow Chip, not some sub-par substitute that’s just like every other frosting out there. I’m not buying any of this garbage.

By Saloria

133 days ago

This is just horrible! Bring back RAINBOW CHIP! Rainbow Chip Frosting has always been my favorite for cupcakes, cakes, and making our own homemade version of dunkaroos! I am pregnant and all I have been thinking about is some delicious cupcakes with Rainbow Chip Frosting after my husband traveled to 4 different stores with no luck I looked online to find that it had been discontinued! Shame on you Betty Crocker! Bad move!

By elliepants4

127 days ago

I can’t give any less than one star? Too bad–this deserves less. I have been icing cakes for myself and others for years with RAINBOW CHIP icing. What’s so special about this sub-par replacement? If I wanted sprinkles on my cake I would make a buttercream and–wait for it–ADD SPRINKLES. You do realise Pillsbury already sells this, yes? RAINBOW CHIP FROSTING is what set Betty Crocker apart from the competition. Now the playing field is even and I’m holding a grudge. Until Rainbow Chip is returned (in its classic form) to shelves, I will no longer be purchasing any Betty Crocker brand items. Bring it back and you’ll have a loyal customer for life. It would seem others feel the same as evidenced by the reviews posted, at least 2 Facebook pages, and an online petition.

By SprinklesBlow

106 days ago

How dare you Betty Crocker. You are histories greatest monster for getting rid of Rainbow Chip. I will not be purchasing this cheap and frankly insulting replacement for the heavenly Rainbow Chip. In fact I have some Betty Crocker cake mix that I was going to use with Rainbow Chip, but I think I will return it now for some Pillsbury mix.


By wherestherainbowchipB**** *

90 days ago

I am beyond disappointed by the discontinuation of the greatest frosting ever. If I wanted funfetti I would…who am I kidding I wouldn’t because funfetti is frickin lame. I ALWAYS use rainbow chip frosting, I even go out of my way to a store I don’t normally shop at to buy it because it was so hard to find before. I hope everyone who loved rainbow chip as much as I did boycotts Betty Crocker until you bring it back. This is worse than the death of hostess cupcakes.

In the meantime DON’T TOUCH THE BLUEBERRY MUFFINS. They better be waiting when I go back to buying your products.

By IWantRainbowChip

60 days ago

The rainbow chips were chewy and delicious. The sprinkles are hard, flavorless and full of disappointment.

Rainbow Chip!

Rainbow Chip!


50 days ago

I joined just to comment also. You have ruined my day. You have ruined my childhood and also any future birthdays ahead. You are a factory of sadness. No one wants this.


41 days ago

For the love of all things holy and pure in this world, BRING BACK THE RAINBOW CHIP FROSTING!! I beg of thee, Betty.

Rainbow Sprinkle is an insult to the legend of the rainbow chip….

As a victim of first world problems, I cry out with OUTRAGE and DESPAIR! I will not be silenced!!


46 days ago

I would rather die a thousand deaths than see these ridiculous rainbow sprinkles on any of my baked goods. If I wanted sprinkles, I could have easily attained them by buying a competitor’s sprinkle frosting or by simply purchasing sprinkles and putting them in with my frosting. BRING BACK RAINBOW CHIP!! Please! It was the best frosting on the market and a beloved member of all of my celebrations. I don’t know what made Betty Crocker discontinue it, but I am embarrassed for her. Look at all of the dissatisfied customers. Give the people what they want!


46 days ago

Um, what is going on here? You do realize by discontinuing Rainbow Chip you may have set the Universe into a tailspin! Without my favorite frosting what’s the point of anything? I may as well just buy Pillsbury. The dough boy is cuter than this tasting good. Seriously, by taking away Rainbow Chip you’ve ruined any future cake I will make or eat. You have destroyed all birthdays!


You get one star only because I can’t give you zero stars. The form won’t let me.



49 days ago

I will never love again… Rainbow chip, i promise to keep the seat down, just come back to me!!

*I edited the name of this poster because I try to keep my posts family-friendly and I don’t condone the use of that word. I think you get the idea.


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6 responses to “Don’t Just Taste, Eat the Rainbow, Part 2”

  1. c lee tressel says :

    Anger is an understandable reaction to losing something one has loved, so I can empathize with these angry posts. However, I think the following comment/commenter gets to the heart of the matter by using rational evidence: “The rainbow chips were chewy and delicious. The sprinkles are hard, flavorless and full of disappointment.” I guess “disappointment” isn’t empirical, but there’s a place for pathos in argumentation, too.

    • Sarah in Small Doses says :

      Absolutely! I feel like pathos is often found in argumentation. The danger is letting it take over the argument. I appreciate the example you’ve highlighted–I found it to be the best from a “specific detail” point of view.

  2. Michael says :

    I enjoyed elliepants4’s post – “I can’t give this any less than one star?” and “wait for it – ADD SPRINKLES.” I also forgot how damaging the loss of Hostess cupcakes was. I know how much you enjoyed this frosting. Has Betty Crocker released any information as to why they discontinued? There is an online petition?

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