More Fun With Demonyms, Take 2

UPDATE: This is why you don’t use Wikipedia as a source. The previous version of this post included some possibly offensive nicknames. I was in a hurry to get a post up and didn’t take the time to check some of the nicknames out before I posted, so I’m sorry if anyone was offended by them. As a Wisconsinite, I am not familiar with some of the nicknames of other states, but I should have researched them before just posting and for that I am sorry. I’ve removed the questionable ones, even a couple that might not have been offensive but I didn’t want to even come close to hurting anyone’s feelings.  –Sarah

The Wisconsin Badger basketball team is doing well and just moved on to the Elite Eight, which is thrilling. Every year Badger fans hope and believe that this year they’ll make it to the Championship game, but this year I feel like they have a shot. The Badger mascot is derived from the state nickname, which I used to think was because we had a bunch of badgers in the state, but it’s because the original homesteaders and settlers lived in holes in the ground, like badgers. Speaking of nicknames, last week I posted about the nicknames of states, or demonyms. Well, here’s some more fun demonyms to check out.

When you say Wi-sconsin, you've said it all.

When you say Wi-sconsin, you’ve said it all.


People from Arkansas are called Arkansans, which confirms that they should pronounce it “ar-KANZ-as,” like “KANZ-as,” instead of “AR-kin-SAW.” An alternate name for them is Arkansawyers, so if you’re an attorney in Arkansas, you’re an Arkansawyer lawyer.

Connecticut might have the most nicknames for its residents: Connecticotian, Connecticutensian, Connecticutian, Connetian, and the official one, Connecticuter. Missing? Connecticuties. Or Connecticuddlers.

Rhode Islanders could alternately be called Rhodeans (but not Rhodelers–like Yodelers, to my dismay), and Pennsylvanians could also be called Pennamites, but not Pennsylvans or Pennsylvaniacs.

According to Wikipedia, Georgians can alternately be called Goober-grabbers. Although this is a reference to peanuts, I feel like there should also be an obvious reference to peaches–like Peach Pickers or Pit Spitters or something.

Also according to Wikipedia, Illinois residents, in addition to unofficially being referred to as Illinoians, could also be called Illinoisians, Illinoisans (officially), or my favorite “Suckers.” Haha, Illinois, I’m  just being Ill-annoying.

Most of them make sense: Minnesotan, Oregonian, Washingtonian, Texan, (West) Virginian, South Dakotan, Vermonter, New Yorker, Wisconsinite. But it sort of surprised me that New Mexico residents are called New Mexicans. I mean, it makes sense but at the same time it reminds me of “new rich,” as in, we don’t come from a Mexican family, but we suddenly fell into being Mexican. We’re newly Mexican. Also, Utah natives are called “Utahns.”

Michigan residents have the most demonyms, with Michiganians (official), and unofficially: Michiganers, Michiganese, Michigines, Wolverines, Michiganites, and my favorite, Michiganders.

For more demonyms, check out this link. (I know Wikipedia is not a credible source, but…)

UPDATE on my upcoming publication: the anthology I’ll be in, Prairie Gold: An Anthology of the American Heartland,  will be released on June 1! I’ll be doing some readings in relation to this and I’ll be sure to let you know when I know more. Until then, check out my video, and come to my improv show next week!


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