Cuckoo for Roku

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I admit – technology scares me.

Netflix.  It is a technological wonder.  I had heard of it and knew of people who had subscribed to its services, but I never experienced it until my husband found himself in need of diversion following some surgery (see below).  That’s when my daughter and son-in-law kicked into high gear to provide entertainment for his recovery.   They brought with them their iPad and a world of magic.  Okay, maybe not magic, but just like sawing a lady in half,**  I am not sure how Netflix works.  We were transported to the 1980’s and the Cheers episodes that made us laugh so hard.

David after surgery 2

David after surgery 2

David after surgery.

David after surgery.

Fast forward to this Christmas.  Our wonderful children gave us a subscription to Netflix so we could enjoy Masterpiece Classic Theater and All Creatures Big and Small and all of the episodes of the Wonder Years.  The gift included an additional piece of technology which allows us to view these nostalgic events on our television. My first response to Roku was “Not more technology!”  (said silently).   Now I am in awe….  and more than a little timid.

My head was spinning the last time we upgraded to an HD TV and the attendant upgrade of everything else involved in television watching.  We  had to program remotes and find new outlets and make new connections.   David pointed to our coffee table today and was impressed that we could master the three remotes that our Netflix requires.  Bring it on, just not so much of it.  We need to learn the wonders of the New World a little at a time.

I find myself watching TV with a purpose now.  No more turning on the TV and ignoring it or using it as background noise while I busy myself with some other task.  Now television watching is just that.  Sitting in one place and “watching” television.  And with no commercial breaks, how will I know when to snack or go to the bathroom?

David found a suspenseful movie for us to watch together for our first viewing experience.  After the first idyllic 2 minutes, the death and mayhem began.  I left the room to avoid  getting too upset, but curiosity got the better of me.  I looked up the plot line of the movie and learned that, as I had suspected, the good guy was able to overcome evil in the end.  The fact that it was accomplished by stabbing the villain in the head confirmed my decision to “watch” the movie by reading about it online.

Now that we are taking full advantage of our gift, I am concerned that we may go into a Classic TV seclusion.  I am reminded of when we moved our television into the basement family room because we found that we kept it on all of the time when it was in the living room.  We wanted to spend less time watching TV.  And a few months later for Christmas, my husband got us a television for our bedroom.  Not that we didn’t enjoy it.  I remember the family piled on the king size bed to watch Hook together.  The beauty of it is I slept through much of it, but I was on a bed!

And a wonderful feature of Netflix is that once you watch a movie or TV show, they help to suggest other events that you might enjoy based on your history.  However, my husband and I have vastly differing tastes.  We are certainly challenging the Netflix genie or whoever is back at the headquarters promoting other programs we might enjoy.  (Okay, I realize this is not a person but technology that provides the suggested viewing options.)

Who needs DVDs when you've got Roku?

Who needs DVDs when you’ve got Roku?

My biggest fear is not that I will become a couch potato or that I will brush aside my responsibilities in favor of just one more episode. I am afraid that as I perform at a functioning level, more and more technology will stream my way.  I know how to press source on one remote, use the Roku remote for the Netflix options, and increase the volume with the TV remote.  But if one more device is added to the mix, my head might explode!

The truth is that now I don’t believe I will want to give up this wonder called Netflix. Wait….what?* I like technology?  If I have 23 minutes, I can get at least one good laugh out loud watching an episode of Arrested Development.**  And that is worth all the remotes, connections, and time involved.  Netflix here I come!

*  I had to put in the overused “Wait….what?” statement for two reasons.  To impress readers with how up to date I am with the current lingo and to also show how distracted by technology everyone is becoming.   Wait…I was texting, checking my email messages, watching Netflix, playing a computer game….what?  I wasn’t listening to anything you were saying because of my technology…..

**Sarah here: My mom informed me that after she wrote this post, she saw an episode of Arrested Development in which they show how to saw a woman in half. How timely!


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2 responses to “Cuckoo for Roku”

  1. Dad says :

    Not the most flattering pictures of me. And to think that people tell me I look younger since I shaved my mustache and got rid of the glasses. Scary. You now have no doubt as to how my lovely daughters ended up as excellent writers . . .

  2. Amanda says :

    Love it! And the pictures show how much you went through, Dave 🙂

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