Locally Laid UPDATE

Huge thanks to those of you who voted for my friends at Locally Laid. Seriously, I appreciate everyone who told me they voted and has asked if they won. Short answer: they didn’t. They found out yesterday that they lost to another great company, GoldieBlox, but they still got a lot of great exposure (and a trip to New York!) so they’re pretty much winners in my book. Here’s the official word from their Facebook page:
Friends, I hate to tell you this… We didn’t win the 30-spot on the Super Bowl. (Again, sincere congrats to GoldieBlox for that.)

Sure, we wish LoLa could strut her sassy self in the 3rd quarter, but it’s okay. Honestly, it’s much better than that.

We ran a fun campaign and are incredibly proud of the stir you kicked up trying to Hail Mary a chicken into the world’s largest football spectacle. And you did an impressive job. The PR firm working with Intuit says that Locally Laid got media impressions that number in the billions – that’s billions with a B. That’s a whole lot of attention for a retro egg, a pasture-raised bird, and the little company trying to do her right. Plus it was good for Duluth, good for Minnesota and good for farmers raising Real Food everywhere.

You should be proud of yourselves getting us named Runner Up. (More to come…)


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