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This week’s post was guest-written by Jeremy Moritz, my cousin Megan’s husband. Jeremy has been a long-time reader and is one of my most (if not the most) active commenters, and as he is a valued reader, I offered him the option of guest-posting. He came up with something pretty great.* Enjoy! -Sarah

First I just want to introduce myself and give you a little background as to why I’m writing on Sarah’s blog. I am Jeremy Moritz, I am a friend of Sarah’s who also just so happens to be married to her cousin Megan, and I like to call Sarah my cousin-in-law. I’ve known Sarah since 2005 when I first starting dating Megan and attending family functions. It’s been almost nine years now and over that time I’ve gotten to know Sarah; her personality, her kindness, her drive, her love for life, and her genuine goodness. It’s those things that have made me really think of her more as a friend then a person who just ended up in my life because of my marriage. Because we’re friends and I do truly love Sarah’s personality, I have been reading and following Sarah’s blog for some time now. Therefore she naturally asked this completely non-writer type to guest blog. Oh, that sounds like a brilliant idea! *Insert sarcastic eye roll* Well, anyway, I’ve decided that I’d give it a shot, and her post on January 16th finally got me to start it and helped me come up with my topic – Live For Change.

Change – According to Google, one definition of change and how I’m going to talk about it is its use as a noun – “the act or instance of making or becoming different.” In our lives there is one thing that is certain, everything is going to change. For one, it is impossible not to change as you grow and age; that’s called science and biology. However, if you figure out how to prolong certain periods in your life please let me know as I’d gladly stay in certain stages longer than others. If change is so certain in life then why do so many people fight change? I assure you I don’t have the education or the credibility to answer that question, but I want to share some things about how I’ve seen change affect myself and others.

In April 2013 I had the biggest change in my life occur. I became a child-rearing man. Notice I didn’t say dad or father because that isn’t what I was on April 20, 2013. Over the past nine months, though, all my life has been is change. Through the help and guidance of my wife, my friends, my family, the internet, and so many others, I feel I have changed into a dad and father and continue to change in that aspect. In reality I didn’t have much choice in the matter either. Makinley is here to stay and I either needed to live for the change or stay the same and miss out on the many great things I get to do as a dad.

Jeremy and his daughter, Makinley. Photo credit: Melissa Ammerman Photography

Jeremy and his daughter, Makinley. Photo credit: Melissa Ammerman Photography

 Photo Credit: Melissa Ammerman Photography

As my daughter grows and learns new things I not only have to change myself to support (cope) with her changes, but I also get the privilege to watch her change. Watching her embrace exploring the world every day and learn new things is so incredibly amazing. Her ways of handling going from breastfeeding to eating solid foods, from not being able to get around to crawling and scooting all over the house are just a couple examples of her not only embracing the changes occurring in her life, but living for them. Her smiles of excitement when she sees how thrilled we are when she does something new are a constant reminder for us to help her continue to embrace the changes occurring as she grows.

Okay, so that’s a big change and a happy change, but what about the bad changes in our lives? Why should you be excited about those changes? In my opinion, you should be excited because it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. Okay, maybe excited doesn’t have to be your feeling, but accepting would be a better approach. The main reason I say that is because if something changes for the negative you can remind yourself that it isn’t going to be the last change in your life. As I stated earlier “everything is going to change.” Take that negative change and make it a positive. If you know that things are going to change then you might as well take it upon yourself to make the change and live the change that will make it a positive.

In February 2012 I found out (well, really I knew it was happening) that I had reached a weight that I never wanted to be at. At that time I made it a goal to be healthier and get down to where I needed to be for me to be healthy and happy with myself. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t fun most times (I love food and especially sweets), but I made changes. It didn’t come fast either, but I had to remind myself that the negative change didn’t happen overnight and this wasn’t going to happen overnight either. I started watching what and how much I ate, I exercised, and I surrounded myself with people that supported my change. I’ve changed and now am where I want to be and have been maintaining for about six months.

Goal 1

Goal 1

Alright, so big deal; this random guy on the internet had a couple changes occur in his life why should I care what he says. Well, you don’t have to and I won’t be hurt if you don’t. However, I can tell you that in your life things will change. You will grow and learn and you will have things happen that you don’t like, but I say this: Live for change. It really is an amazing thing when you embrace that no matter what is going on in your life, things will change. Sometimes they will be for the better and sometimes for the worse, but you don’t have to worry or fight the change because guess what: life is going to change again. Are you going to be the positive change in your life or are you going to just let change pass you by?

In the nearly nine years I’ve known Sarah there is one thing I’ve seen and been a part of and that is her change(s). When I first met Sarah she lived in New York, which I was lucky enough to get to visit and have her be a tour guide for. She now lives in Minnesota, has had different jobs, gone to school, finished school, had relationships, expanded her horizons, and so much more. Sarah is a mind-blowing example of what it means to live for change. It has been my pleasure being in Sarah’s life and see her always say yes. I can assure you that any man, employer, or person that meets Sarah is guaranteed one thing in their life – it’s about to change in a very positive way!

*I’m not just saying that because we’re related, or because he wrote some nice things about me.


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2 responses to “Live For Change”

  1. Jeremy Moritz says :

    Thanks for allowing me to guest blog 🙂

  2. Michael Turner says :

    Cool blog Jeremy. It is nice to hear how you are enjoying the changes with Makinley (both hers and yours) and have accepted and even embraced the difficulties that accompany change. It looks like you are successfully maintaining a healthy weight too. Man, I can empathize with the sweet tooth. What type of exercise? Diet? Say hey to the family for me.

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