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I’ve sent out some emails asking specific people to guest blog in February, but I’m opening it up to anyone who is interested. It’s a great way to get your feet wet blogging, build publishing credentials, and have your voice reach people far and wide (Guam! Guam! Guam!). If you’re interested (you can even do it anonymously!) send me an email at sarahinsmalldoses@gmail.com, drop a line in the comments, or contact me some other way and we’ll talk.

As an early Christmas, very late Hanukkah gift, I’ve collected more Spam for your reading pleasure. They are as-found unless noted. Enjoy!  -Sarah

This was taken on a trip to New York four (!) years ago. It's probably time for another trip...

This was taken on a trip to New York four (!) years ago. It’s probably time for another trip…

I have been exited by the many testmonies have read and im pround of such faithful christian and very encouraged to continue trusting in the Lord.    Posted on Grey Dress and Cupcakes by marshawn lynch jersey for sale. I love testmoney. It’s much easier to spend than real money. I imagine “pround” as all-around proud, or proud in the round, if you will. It sounds like this person is extra pleased.

Emerson may have given thought to a cabin in the woods with no dependence on anyone else (that’s not Thoreau, by the way), but he was much more concerned with establishing an American identity, independent from the cultural influence of Europe.  His idea of self-reliance is more about a person’s mind than about the physical necessities of life. Posted on Projecting Part 2 OR I Made a Chair by 80th anniversary new arizona wholesale jersey. Clearly 80th anniversary New Arizona (is that a new state I’m not aware of?) wholesale jerseys are a physical necessity of life. You need that Marshawn Lynch jersey.

This kind of lease, however, is not suitable for individuals who wish to acquire rapid tax benefits. Posted on Dia De Los Muertos by buy cheap nfl jerseys. What about individuals who wish to acquire painfully slow tax benefits? Why you gotta discriminate against them?

Apparently, I’m very popular with NFL jersey sites, which makes me wonder what search terms they’re using…I’m also very popular with Canadians. Or Canadian geese.

I appreciate your attention to language misuse, and I think you made your point without disrespecting the author. Posted on Grey Dress and Cupcakes by canada goose.se udsalg. I wonder if the author of this comment is referring to my allegiance to the UK spelling of grey…

Good readers make good writers. What a fantastic day. I have come away with some great ideas to inspire my class to write better and new enthusiasm for literature. Thank you Pie, Stephanie and Gill  Posted on It’s Late But It’s Funny by canada goose coats UK. So, is it two people named Stephanie and Gill calling me Pie, or are Pie, Stephanie, AND Gill thanking me? OR is s/he thanking Pie, Stephanie, and Gill. Seems like a pretty solid argument for the Oxford comma.

My partner and I stumbled over here coming from a different web address and thought I should check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to finding out about your web page again.  Posted on Grey Dress and Cupcakes by Canada Goose Vest Freestyle Women Is anyone else curious about what freestyle women are??

Yeah I’m sorry his latest album SUCCCCKKKKEDD! I hate Suit and Tie. Every time it comes on the radio I switch to the next thing I can find. I loathe Taylor Swift but she is still more palatable than Timberlake. Posted by canada goose coat on Grey Dress and Cupcakes You know something sucks when someone writes it in capital letters and draws it out; the more repeat letters, the more emphasis. This was a seven-letter suck.

In accordance with them, they exceeded each expectations in a very employment that was pretty intricate along with difficult. Posted on Grey Dress and Cupcakes by canada goose ontario n3b fishtail parka uk I have a friend who likes to end sentences with “In accordance with the prophesy” because it makes his statements sound more weighty.  This comment reads like someone playing MadLibs.  “They [past tense verb] each [noun] in a very [noun] that was pretty [adjective] along with [adjective].” Also, I really want to know what a fishtail parka is.

Do you suffer from KIDNEY DISEASE? Do you know that, according to latest researches, DIALYSIS IS NOT NECESSARY? A friend of mine got off dialysis (stage 5 CKD) and healed his kidney. Take a look: Posted on Mono a Mano by find more information. I want my username to be “find more information.” But, I want it said like a directive, not like an offer. As in, you go find more information on your own and get back to me.

And three from “different” people who have very similar writing:

Hi there,I checked your new stuff named “Projecting, Part 3 OR Wardrobe Malfunctions | Sarah in Small Doses” like every week. Your humoristic style is spectacular, keep it up! And you can check my website about (several Chinese characters).

Sincerely Yours,I log on to your article named “Projecting, Part 3 OR Wardrobe Malfunctions | Sarah in Small Doses” on a regular basis. Your writing style is witty, keep doing what you`re doing! And you can look my website about (several, but different, Chinese characters).

Sincerely Yours,I saw your new stuff named “Projecting, Part 3 OR Wardrobe Malfunctions | Sarah in Small Doses” daily. Your writing style is witty, keep doing what you`re doing! And you can check my website about (a few, but also different, Chinese characters).

In my email Spam folder:

Earn Your Degree from a University That’s Earned Its Reputation sent by Florida Tech University Online…an institution I’ve never heard of. Hmmmm…

Girl having no husband has a desire (that’s the address) sent me an email with the subject line: Girl having no husband has a hope to infallible cowboy and receive every pleasure with him. The message preview said: Forlorn young female longs to be just for a real man and enjoy all kinds of fun with him. young lady went as companion to a married lady who died soon afterwards, and that she married the husband, and had one of  the finest little boys that the medical man had ever seen–all within eighteen months?’ Kate  Jasmin

Girl having no mate hopes (again, that’s the address) sent me an email with the subject line: Young female without a mate would like to be extremely naughty for a guy and enjoy simple life with him. The message preview said: I have a will to be introduced to a lad and enjoy love and passion together.  do but much; had the sometimes the at theatre who selected of to and speechless who wore smart and arm-in-arm a lady petticoats,–and  did with that in pit been ‘Bravo!’ the was was papa, whom persons that he  Cristal

Cute sporty female would like sent me an email with the subject: I dream to be the soul of a lad and savor every moment with him.

Girl having no sweetheart craves and Attractive slender baby dreams sent me emails Inciting dating for successful men adoring luscious lassies and Lonely young female has a desire to be a real woman for a lad. I really want someone to turn these into short stories. I also really want people to stop sending me SPAM and viruses that prey on the lovelorn and lonely. It’s just mean.

May your days be Merry and Bright and may all your inboxes be SPAM-free. Have a great Christmas! Check back next week for my 100th post!


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