NaNoWriMo Half-point Check-in Take 2

Apparently, the first time I posted this the video was private. I hope I’ve fixed the glitch and you can now view me in all my nerdy glory. ALSO the first time I posted this, I forgot to tell you about my friends (see paragraph two, which is new). This is what five hours of sleep a night gets you: Sarah in No Dozes. I apologize for the errors. Next week’s will be better, I promise!  -Sarah

Remember when I mentioned something about it being NaNoWriMo?* Yeah, I kind of forgot, too. But this past week I did pull out the second book and add a bunch of pages to it, rough though they may be, so I am participating. Sort of. It’s been a process and I’m tired. But this weekend I plan to do a lot of writing, revising, and submitting.**


I also plan to do a lot of voting. My friends, Lucie and Jason Amundsen, are competing for a Super Bowl commercial spot as part of Intuit’s Small Business, Big Game promotion. The Amundsen’s business, Locally Laid (or LoLa), is one of four finalists narrowed down from roughly 15,000 entrants. I’m thrilled for them; their mission is pretty simple, they utilize green business methods whenever possible, they plant a tree with every delivery, and they’re all-around awesome people. So, if I could ask a small favor, please click this link or type into your browser, find the Locally Laid “Vote For Us” button, click, cluck, and you’re done. Vote every day from now until December 1!

So, the post is a little light this week, but as a consolation, I give you a video ***taken on Halloween in which, I think, I embody both Joan Cusack and my sister. Enjoy! And look for a special Thanksgiving post in two weeks!****

*National Novel Writing Month. Obviously…

**Gotta ride the wave from the last couple of weeks, right?

***The snorting is my friend, CH; the mouth breathing is her dog, Shadow.

****I’m hoping to have a post next week, but the one for Thanksgiving will for sure be pretty great.


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