Grey Dress and Cupcakes

For Moira, with love. – Sarah

As many of you might remember, my sister got married a little over a year ago. It was a day full of whimsy and magic. Seriously: it included an old fire engine escort and a sixteen-sparkler send-off. If my sister was queen for the day, I definitely felt like a princess. One of the most magical things about the day, however, was not the sister of the bride (moi) but the sister of the groom, Moira.

Moira grew up with five younger brothers. I can’t even imagine what that would be like: praying for a sister, keeping five younger brothers in line, dealing with five times the teasing, five times the horseplay…the original Corcoran women (Moira and her mother, Trish) are saints.

Over the years, Moira’s circle of family women has grown, first with her own daughter, Molly, who is an amazingly talented artist and musician and an overall awesome teenager, and one by one through those same brothers she probably wished were sisters. Moira has gained some pretty wonderful sisters-in-law along the way (I may be biased, since my own sister is one of them) , as all but the youngest of her brothers has gotten married. Each time, I can imagine, Moira welcomed the new woman with open arms and a little sigh of relief that her amazing new sister decided to stick it out with one of Moira’s brothers as a spouse.

For my sister’s* wedding, Moira not only stood up in the wedding party for her brother, but she also made all of the cupcakes, getting up super early the day of the wedding to transport them to the reception and frost them on site before getting ready for the ceremony.  She couldn’t do so the day before because the reception site didn’t turn on the air conditioning very far in advance and it was about 100 degrees in the room, which was full of floor to ceiling windows. In July.

Cupcakes! Don't they look delicious? Photo courtesy of Ben Blood (

Cupcakes! Don’t they look delicious? Photo courtesy of Ben Blood (

After creating edible masterpieces, Moira donned a lovely vintage-style grey dress (to match the guys’ grey tuxes) and heels (to set her apart from the guys), grabbed her bouquet, and cheered and danced with the others in attendance. She was the most attractive groomsman, I must say.

As a fellow non-married over 30, Moira is an inspiration to me. She and her fiancé, Rod, are planning to marry next spring and I’m so excited for them. I can imagine how thrilling it is to be the one getting married, to be the one welcomed into a new family, to have it be her turn to put on a white dress, instead of grey, and pledge her love to someone in front of family and friends, old and new. Even if there is no antique fire engine escort or sixteen-sparkler send-off, it will be magical. Only this time, Moira: let someone else make the cupcakes. Oh, and Happy Birthday in 10 days.****** 

Okay, there can’t be a post without jokes**, so here they are:

Which is a better name for a consulting firm: Strategenie or Strategenius?***

Indivisual: What each person sees.

Ridraculous: the absurd phenomenon that allows all movie monsters to move much slower than their victims while simultaneously catching up to them.

Gitzlaff*****: great comedienne last name OR greatest comedienne last name?

Instant erasure: Immedelete.

*My brother-in-law likes to refer to it (in my sister’s presence) as “my” wedding, so I’m giving her all the credit this time. But really, it was both of theirs.

**My brother-in-law pointed out that these are not jokes, they’re puns. Tomay-to, tomah-to–if it makes you laugh, does it matter?

***Or, if you’re a casting company, Stratecaster?****

****You’ll get it.

*****Yes, it is a real last name. Say it out loud.****

******For you nit-pickers out there: I know American English will have you spell it gray (with an “a”) but this is one time where I think the Brits have it right. It’s grey with an “e” and that’s it.


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