Midnight Oil

SO you probably noticed I didn’t have a post yesterday. Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you’ve had a busy week. Or a lazy week.  Or a just-off-a-holiday-Monday week when you think Tuesday is Monday and Friday is Thursday. Or maybe you just went back to school and/or sent your (grand)child(ren) off to school, and you’ve been mourning the end of summer all week, because it felt like we finally got around to summer and now it’s over. Or maybe your (grand)child(ren) do(es)n’t* go to school until next week and you are counting down the days until you have increased free time. Maybe nothing changed for you at all.

This is the first semester in four years that I haven’t gone back to school. It feels weird and not-weird. I miss the classes but not the homework. I miss the feeling of possibility I used to get when the semester started and everything was new, and I had so much to learn and do and grow from, and all of it was laid out in front of me like untrampled snow. I miss the “who’s in my class” contemplations and the relief at familiar faces and an exciting reading list. I’m hoping things calm down a little from the summer, but I’m really not looking forward to winter. Please let us have an extended, gently-changing fall. Please.

Drawing by Konstantine Berkojsia

Drawing by Konstantine Berkojsia

Since I last posted, I’ve been on one of those hamster wheels that squeaks a lot because it needs some WD-40 on the axle. I can’t remember the last time I went to bed before midnight. I’ve been listening to WXRT out of Chicago and dreaming of Lake Michigan.**  I modeled for the art class again (see drawing) and performed a Bat*** in improv class. I haven’t gotten around to changing the format of the blog, but I’m working on it. I finished reading two books and submitted writing to a few places, but there’s always more I want to do in those areas. I made banana bread. My second book is in stalemate and all I want to do is quit everything else and go into hibernation for the winter writing. I watched the entire third season of Portlandia. I sewed something special.**** I climbed to the top of an indoor rock-climbing wall––something I thought I would never do––two and two half-times.  I met a girl named Hadly and she told me she liked my name. We saw turkeys fly. I went to bed at 2:18 and woke up at 8:12. I went to two different DMVs. All of these things have stories behind them, and I’m planning to write about them (either here or for submission somewhere) so look out. I have ideas and I’m not afraid to use them.

This weekend is a “two baby showers and one wedding reception/open house/party on the farm” kind of weekend, which seems to happen a lot lately. I’m sad to miss the two baby showers (which are far enough apart time-wise and close enough geographically that I could have made it to both) but the “party on the farm” was in the works ages ago. And I’m in need of a road trip farther east than Eau Claire, even though I’m contemplating moving west of the Mississippi, finally. But, I wish I could be there nonetheless. Congratulations Carrie B and Dani V! *****I’m excited for you and the extension of your families. And look out, Rensselaer! I’m coming your way.

Have a great weekend everyone! Go out and be amazing.

*Trying to be inclusive leads to lots of parenthesis. I’m sure there’s an essay in there.

**They play a lot of Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, Bowie, and one-hit wonders like Midnight Oil (“Beds Are Burning”) and Crash Test Dummies (“Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”–yes, that is the title of the song). I recommend the station; you can stream it online.

***Basically improv in the dark. It’s really fun, but it forces you to create character through voice and description, instead of action. I want to do it again.

****This is related to the party on the farm and will be my next post. Stay tuned.

*****You will always be Carrie B and Dani V., just like I will always be Sarah T. There’s something comforting in that.


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2 responses to “Midnight Oil”

  1. Jeremy Moritz says :

    You have so many exciting things going on all the time. I miss that sometimes, but am happy with what we have. I just wish that there were more opportunities down here some days.

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