I’m working on making some (minor) changes to the blog. For one thing, I’m trying to update my pages more often so you can see What I’m Writing and What I’m Reading with more frequency. I’ll also try to give recommendations for books as I read them. I’ve updated both of those pages and added a new one: Where You Can Find Me Elsewhere. This will have both upcoming events and past places you may have seen me, as well as information about and links to shorter pieces of mine that have been published. And I’m trying to add more photos/visual elements so it’s not just a bunch of text.

Gratuitous Rainbow.

Gratuitous Rainbow.

Things to make you go doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo:

I was looking up A&Ws on the internet (for research) when the Chris Isaak song, “Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing” came on the radio. So of course I had to look up Chris Isaak (also for research. And because “Wicked Game” slays me). The birthplace of A&W Root Beer? Stockton, California. The birthplace of Chris Isaak? Stockton. California. Whaaaaaaat???

I’ve been reading American Psycho (for research)*, which references musical acts such as INXS, George Michael, Belinda Carlisle, and Phil Collins. It also mentions Talking Heads, which I haven’t heard in years, but I just started streaming music from WXRT in Chicago (thanks for the tip, Lisa!) and they play a lot of Talking Heads. Like, at least three times per day a song will come on. In an added twist, the reason I’m reading American Psycho is because I’m writing a piece involving the book, which I entitled Psycho Killer, Qu’est-ce que c’est?, which is the title of a song, but I didn’t know who sang it. The band? Talking Heads.

I coined the term “containger” the other day. It means “contained danger”** and it includes such things as roller coasters, shark cages, and cops.

I want to see a fight among Modest Mouse, Danger Mouse, and Deadmau5. I think we all know who is going to win…or, rather, who will lose, who won’t brag if they win, and who we should fear. Do you think they Google “mouse careers” when looking for a job? ***

I’m going off the grid this weekend, so I might not have a post next week, but check back anyway. It adds to my stats**** and makes me feel good.

I like to read. A lot.

I like to read. A lot.

*One of the best parts of being a writer (and, I’d imagine, an actor) is dismissing random actions as “research” for a piece (or part). I’m researching what it’s like to eat only ice cream and pizza for a month, or I’m researching what it’s like to sleep late every day. Or My totally random and bizarre behavior is because I’m writing a character who acts the same way and I need to embody that character. Nevermind the fact that I write mostly nonfiction…

**Is there really such a thing? Send me your best examples.

***Of course I Googled this (for research) and I found that there is a company called MOUSE, that there is a website called JobMouse, and that Kanye West got a computer mouse signed by Steve Jobs for Father’s Day. Also, there was information about the Mouseketeers’ (mouse) careers.

****I can see how many people and from which countries but I can’t tell from where in the US people view the blog. And I’m less than 350 views away from hitting 10,000 all-time views. Can I get that before the end of the year? I hope so!


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6 responses to “Ch-ch-changes”

  1. Jeremy Moritz says :

    Contained danger – driving a car…seriously I feel in danger regularly around some drivers!

  2. prairiewisdom says :

    Sounds like you are creatively busy! Love that.

  3. Michael Turner says :

    Containger – professional football and hockey. Lol on the reasons for excusing writer/actor random research acts. Just catching up on some older posts.

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