Look at Me, I’m a Finalist UPDATE

Well, you’ve probably figured it out by now, but I didn’t win. Or maybe I did, because I took a piece that I loved and condensed it, chopped it up, and changed the ending(s) to fit the word and CYOA requirements for this contest.  It may sound strange, and I’m not going to lie, the $1,000 prize, winner distinction, and publication would have been nice, but I’d almost rather have it this way. Now I can submit that piece in its entirety somewhere else, perhaps another contest, and not be a little disappointed that the full piece won’t make it into the world. I still get to say I was a finalist.

Netflix told me it would be a “very long wait” for Star Wars: Episode IV to come to me via DVD and it wasn’t even an extra day. And, I still have the nickel, I just went for a walk and didn’t sweat through my shirt (thank you milder temperatures and low humidity), and I managed to get a tape that had been stuck in my VCR for, like, nine years out  without ruining either.* So, yeah, yesterday was a win. Thanks for rooting for me, though. It feels nice.

Tonight I’ll be modeling** for a portrait class, so look for a post next week about my experience.

*To be fair, I just tried to get the tape out tonight. The VCR has been in my parents’ garage in a box for the past nine years. I’m not sure I knew the tape was still in it, but the label says “Last Friends episode” so I’m pretty sure it’s been in there since I moved back from college. Before you make fun of me for outdated technology, I just almost doubled my viewing possibilities thanks to my old tape collection and my sister’s. We had some weird tastes back then. 

**Fully clothed, thank you.


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2 responses to “Look at Me, I’m a Finalist UPDATE”

  1. prairiewisdom says :

    A finalist! How wonderful and a testament to your hard work and creativity.

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