Beware the Ides of July

I survived the Ides of July (again)! Sorry I didn’t post last week, things have been a little busy for me, but I should have a post this Thursday, so check back. Here’s something from the archives you might enjoy. And thanks, as always, for your readership. -Sarah

Sarah in Small Doses

My mom is a little superstitious about July 15. A bad storm hit our hometown on July 15, 1980, and ever since the storm, she has noticed a pattern of bad things (some large, some minor) that happen on or around that date. My brother broke his leg on July 15 when he was two. I broke my arm (the first time) on July 14,  and our friends had their bikes stolen when we were camping on July 15. And their tent leaked. So my mom’s anxiety isn’t unwarranted. This year July 13 fell on a Friday. As in Friday the 13th. The night before (July 12), a black cat crossed my path several times, and last night my boyfriend spilled salt on the table. It’s like we’re playing with fate. Next we’ll be walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, and putting our shirts on backwards. I was certain something bad…

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