Happy Flag Day (Tomorrow)!

And, you know, Happy Father’s Day on Sunday. I already posted about Father’s Day, and my father wrote a post of his own, so if you want to find out my feelings on fathers or how my father feels about milk, check out either of those.

Tuesday night at improv, our instructor asked for a holiday as inspiration for a scene and I shouted out “Flag Day!”* perhaps in honor of Friday, even though I had forgotten about it (both that it was this Friday and that it is a holiday in general). If you, like me, have forgotten about Flag Day, here are some things you might be interested to know:

Flag Day honors the day in 1777 when the United States of America adopted our Stars and Stripes as the national flag.

Flag Day is a national (but not federal) holiday typically observed on June 14;  some states celebrate it the second Sunday in June (or a week before Father’s Day, which is the third Sunday of June). The President determines if the nation will recognize it as a holiday for federal employees.

Pennsylvania is the only state to celebrate June 14 (Flag Day) as a state holiday.

President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Flag Day a national holiday, but it wasn’t recognized as an official holiday until President Harry S Truman** signed the National Flag Day Bill in 1949.

Bernard J. Cigrand is known by some (and now you) as “the Father of Flag Day.” He was a school teacher in Wisconsin.***

Speaking of flags and our fathers (or [the] Flags of Our Fathers [director, Clint Eastwood]),

Has anyone else noticed that Clint Eastwood does a really good impression of Christian Bale’s voice as Batman? Or maybe it’s the other way around…

In relation to random holidays, last Friday was National Donut Day. In honor of this, my coworker bought me donuts. Now if only there was a National Diamond Day…****

I saw another person sucking his thumb the other day, this time waiting for the bus. I’m not positive, but I think I saw a man taking a picture of the thumb-sucker with his phone. So sucking your thumb + the bus = a stranger taking your photo.  Just FYI.

Speaking of the bus, I made up a song on the bus ride home, inspired by Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind” and pajama jeans and apropos of nothing but something I hope will someday be an anthem:

“Goodbye p’jama jeans*****/ though I never wore you at all/you had the class to place yourself/in every lazy home. (Okay so it’s not my best work, but check out the chorus):

“And it seems to me/you lived your life/like some spandex in a bin/never knowing/who to cling to/when the rain set in.” (See how I kept it mostly the same? Genius!)******

It’s Flag Day, y’all. Rock your pajama jeans if you want.

*They didn’t take use my suggestion. I can’t imagine why not. Flag Day is rife with comedy! See above.

**The “S” doesn’t stand for anything. Or it stands for two things. You can look that up on your own.

***Just like my dad. Go Wisconsin!

****Sweet Caroline! There is a National Neil Diamond Day, though.

*****You could also change it to “Mama jeans”

******Apologies to Elton John and anyone who loves the song “Candle in the Wind.”


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4 responses to “Happy Flag Day (Tomorrow)!”

  1. Evan Kingston says :

    How about an extra comfy flag made of pajama material for the casual patriot?

  2. Michael Turner says :

    Lol on the Clint Eastwood – Christian Bale Batman connection.

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