I Thought It Was Wednesday

So last week I said I’d be posting every Thursday and this week…I didn’t post on Thursday.  Was anyone else thrown by the long weekend? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take a day off if someone offers it, but I spent all of Tuesday feeling like it was Monday, Wednesday felt like Tuesday, and on Thursday, I thought it was Wednesday. Which made it so nice to wake up this morning and have it be Friday (whoo-hoo, four-day week!), but which also made it hard to keep track of my schedule. If I didn’t have plans that I couldn’t miss every night after work this week, I probably would be heading in to work tomorrow. And that would be a huge disappointment.

Session two of my foray into improv began last week and the new group seems to have gelled pretty well, considering we’ve only had two classes. This past Tuesday we had a substitute teacher*, which was an interesting experience. Since this has been my first time taking classes and I’ve had the same teacher for both classes, it was easy for me to assume all improv teachers are the same. They are not. The sub was good, but he had a different pace for things than our regular teacher, and his manner of feedback was less…gentle. I’ve also noticed that with the addition of more guys the tone of the class has changed a little. For one thing, whenever the instructor (our usual one or the sub) asks for feedback or asks an open question of the group, a guy is the first to respond, even though the women outnumber them 2 to 1. I mentioned this to a doctor I work with and he explained, “If more than one man is involved, it is a contest.”

This reminded me of the triathlon I did the summer before last. Perhaps subconsciously realizing the above quote was true, I chose an all-women triathlon in which to compete.** This is not meant to be a negative statement about men***, but I’m so glad I didn’t compete against any. I’ve noticed I either feel less confident when I’m in mixed company in, well, almost any setting, or i become more assertive and competitive, perhaps in reaction to (real or perceived) heightening in the group competitiveness. In the triathlon, I never heard anyone who was competing make disparaging or condescending remarks against another competitor. In fact, several women**** who passed me would shout encouragement to me as they left me in the dust.***** I’m not saying it doesn’t or couldn’t happen in a mixed race, but I’m guessing it would be a rarer occurrence. And I’m guessing I would have felt greater pressure (as I have in the mixed company 5ks I have run) to prove something. I definitely put my all into the race (each time) but I felt more confident in the triathlon than I did in those 5ks. Food for thought.

Speaking of improv, I am working on some accents and some character ideas that I think are going to be great. Or horrible. But probably great. And there’s a sketch writing class that I want to take, but my summer schedule has already filled up so much that it’s hard to commit to one more thing. But…it’s sketch writing!

So I ran across the combined last name (I am not making this up) James Taylor recently (as in Tallulah James Taylor******), and at first I thought, Come on, but then I realized, if I had the last name James and I married a guy with the last name Taylor, we are so hyphenating that.*******

*Wouldn’t you love to substitute teach improv? I would.

**Yes, it was competitive.

***I love men. Perhaps too much, since they seem lukewarm about me.

****Many of them twice my age.

*****It is seriously humbling to have someone who is decades older than you are and in much better shape come from ten heats behind you and shout “You can do it” or “You’re doing a great job” to you while they are blowing past you.

******Not her real first name.

*******Fingers crossed I meet a Bachman…wait….


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