Oh S(NO)W!

That’s all I got. It’s all downhill (skiing) from here.

So, it snowed. AGAIN. It’s days like today that make me wish I had a garage. If you have a garage, I hope you appreciate it fully. Also, if you have a garage, can I park in it?*

My friend Pam Schmid decided to make light of the situation and came up with a list of Dr. Seuss-inspired book titles related to the recent weather**. I’m building off of her Mr. Brown Can Shovel in April, Can You?; Oh the Months it Will Snow!; and One Flake, Two Flakes, White Flake, Boo Flake! to add, Oh the Snow You Will Blow!; And to Think I Saw it Under All That Snow on Mulberry Street; Wonder, Blunder, Thundersnow; Hail in Pails; and Horton Hears a Salt Truck.

If you can forget for a moment that it’s the end of April and last year at this time we had already enjoyed several days of 70/80-degree weather, the snow is really pretty. I mean, it’s a beautiful day in December out there.

So I’ve been doing this “no yeast/no sugar/no dairy” diet for the past week (after a few weeks of false starts), which means a lot of rice, broth, veggies, and water. I’m going to continue with low yeast, low sugar and no dairy for two to three more weeks, or until I can’t stand it anymore and go to Culver’s for a Butterburger with cheese and some frozen custard.*** The good news is, it’s been really good broth weather.

Last week, when it snowed really hard and there were blizzard conditions, and my university closed for the first time in the four years since I started there, the radio played “Let it Snow” and other Christmas songs, and it was kind of funny. And then I worried that we maybe skipped summer and fall and ended up back in winter. Advance Two Seasons, Do Not Pass Snow, Do Not Collect $200.

So, we have snowshoes and rain boots–why not sun sandals? Sundals? Sol soles? Wind wedges?****

Two people, independent of one another, mentioned the movie “Groundhog Day” yesterday in relation to the forecasted storm. As in, they feel like we are living in that movie and just keep waking up to more snow because Bill Murray can’t get his act together and figure out how to not be a jerk. Thanks, Bill Murray. Thanks a lot.

Well, I’d better snow. I mean, go. Let’s all hope this recent accumulation will make like the Wicked Witch of the West***** soon.

*This sounds like either the start of a dirty joke or a really bad pick-up line. I assure you, it’s both.******

**Seuss on Zeus, if you will. HA!

***Darn it. Now I really want that. I guess these almonds make a good substitute. NOT!

****It’s kinda blustery out. Better put on my wind wedges!

*****I’m melting! I’m melting!

******I mean, neither.


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4 responses to “Oh S(NO)W!”

  1. Evan Kingston says :

    “Good broth weather” is probably the funniest/saddest description of this cold spell I’ve heard yet. Thanks for making me laugh at the weather after swearing I never would again earlier this week.

  2. Michael says :

    I also liked the good broth weather silver lining. What is good butterburger weather? Any ideas for a one fish, two fish (Dr. Suess) connection to ice fishing in April? I always like to see where/when the last remnants of snow are – usually some large parking lot’s plowed mound. Sorry for reading your post a month later.

    • sarahwithanh25 says :

      Michael, I think any weather is good butterburger weather. “It’s time to grill out, let’s make butterburgers,” or “I don’t feel like cooking, let’s go out for butterburgers,” or “It’s Thursday, time for butterburgers.” They all work. One Fish, Two Fish, It’s April, Let’s Go Ice Fish? And yes, parking lots are great for harboring snow longer than anywhere else. Don’t apologize for reading my blog late–I’m so glad you read it!

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