Allegedly, It’s April

Well, I had quite the experience Thursday morning. I woke up, for the second day in a row, to find the ground covered with heavy, wet snow. Wednesday, a radio DJ described it as shoveling mashed potatoes, and I’d have to say Thursday was worse. I had to double-check the calendar to make sure that yes, we are almost two full weeks into April.* When they said April showers bring May flowers, I guess I’d always assumed they meant rain showers, but I guess snow counts, too. While I was waiting for the bus, I saw lightning and heard thunder that rumbled for a good fifteen seconds straight. Thundersnow.** Not a good omen.

When I sat down in my usual seat, I realized just how hard it was still snowing. I was like the abominable snowman having a meltdown. The seat next to me was covered in large chunks of snow that I hurriedly brushed off, both off the seat and myself, and I suddenly understood how a puddle feels. After I did what I could to manage the flakes, I leaned back in the cushion for my usual morning commute nap when the woman behind me said, “Uh-oh.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I get snow on you?” I asked, turning around in apology. I’d forgotten to take off my hat and shake it out and I’m sure there were large chunks of snow on it as well.

“No,” she said, “we’re stuck.” The bus was, indeed, stuck. The driver couldn’t move forward and couldn’t back up. This was really not a good sign, since it was a double bus and there weren’t many passengers inside. We definitely couldn’t push it out of the snow, and what would happen when we got even heavier as the bus filled up? Fortunately, the bus driver couldn’t back up because there were cars behind him, not because we were so stuck, so when he waved the drivers around and had some room to his rear, we were able to reverse and get out of the mire.

Things seemed to be going smoothly until we got a few blocks further and the driver suddenly stopped and hopped off. No preface, no explanation, no official stop. I imagined he reached his limit in that moment and was all prepared to pull a Sandra Bullock*** and get us to work, bomb on bus/snowpocalypse be darned. Thankfully, this was not the case. He just needed to clear off the windshield wipers, which had become encased in ice.****

Ultimately, I made it to work, only 20 minutes late, and the bus ride home was less eventful. And then it snowed two more times. Blergh.

I’m sorry I posted this late; this week was hectic and last night I read part of my thesis to a beautiful, standing-room-only, people-sitting-on-the-stairs(weeping) crowd. It was an amazing experience and I was overwhelmed and humbled by their generosity and love. Thank you for stopping by. Please tune in next week!


*Punxsutawney Phil, you’re on my list.

**I didn’t come up with this term, but if you want to attribute it to me, that’s cool.

***Sadly, no one on my bus looks like Keanu Reeves. Which is why I feel okay about sleeping on my commute.

****There’s a trick people in the Cities do to combat this when they park. They flip up their windshield wipers, so they’re not against the windshield, and therefore won’t become stuck in the snow. Not sure if actually does anything, because you still need to scrape and clear your windshield, but it makes you feel like you’re doing something. And that’s something.


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One response to “Allegedly, It’s April”

  1. Dad says :

    Since we are already setting records for the coldest spring and the latest date to reach 50 degrees (amongst others) I say that we try for a Cal Ripken-like record that will never be broken (we hope). May is only two weeks away . . .

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