Well, it’s 2013 and the world didn’t end. There was no apocalypse. Zombies did not take over. But just in case the Mayans were off by a year or two, here’s something to keep in mind. It’s a post I wrote almost a year ago, it’s my top pick for the “5 Blogs of Christmas/New Year’s,” and it’s a re-blog request from my mom. Enjoy! And, check back next week for a new post in the new year. Happy Holidays! -Sarah

Sarah in Small Doses

So someone came into work today and said that the world will end this year, because it’s 2012, and that got me thinking about how it will end. I don’t think it will happen from extreme weather or a meteorite.  I think it will happen because of zombies.  Okay, I don’t really think that, but just in case, and you’re looking to form an alliance…
Top Ten Reasons Why You Want Me on Your Zombie Apocalypse Team:

1. Mobility

I don’t own property, people, pets, or plants, and, aside from a mild hoarding tendency that a little fear of being eaten will cure, I could pick up and move at any time.  No “Not without my daughter,” no “We have to wait for Sparkles the cat to come out from hiding,” no “My aloe plant!”  Plus I can drive any land vehicle (manual or automatic—I used to have a 15-passenger van license) so…

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