This post is for my friend Sara and her mom, with whom I went to the Cayman Islands. Since Sara just booked a trip back there, it seemed appropriate. And I think we all need to dream of the beach. Stay tuned tomorrow for the last of the 5 Blogs of Christmas/New Year’s and my top blog. Happy New Year! -Sarah

Sarah in Small Doses

Hello! I missed you. I just got back from vacation so I apologize for not posting last week but the beach didn’t have WiFi, so…I had to just lie there…relaxing…it was awful.

Highlights of the trip:

Deep-sea fishing and reeling in a barracuda with just my hands (no pole)

Lying on the beach reading some of the first non-required books I’ve read in a long time

Going in the ocean again (oh MN, why are you so landlocked!)

Seeing a shark and a few stingrays swimming in open water (I stood safely on the dock, thank you).

AND finally making it to Chicago on the Megabus.

Those of you familiar with the Megabus (or its East Coast Chinatown cousin, Fung Wah) know what a great deal it is.  My ticket this time cost $1 plus outrageous 50-cent processing fee–that’s 50%! Processing fee? Please. It takes me longer to fish two quarters out…

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  1. Carolyn Hager says :

    Hey Sarah,
    Greetings from the Cayman Islands as I relax on the deck overlooking the beautiful Carribean waters. We wish you would be joining us again this year. Saw Capt Herman on the veranda Monday might at the welcome party. He ignored us!
    BTW – this year there’s Wi-fi on the beach. Wish you were here.

    • sarahwithanh25 says :

      Hi Carolyn, I wish I was there with you too! Enjoy your trip and say hi to Captain Herman if he ever talks to you. Those conch fritters were amazing. And don’t worry, he’ll be “friendlier” when Sara gets there. Hopefully I’ll see you all soon! Sarah

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