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Sarah in Small Doses

Sorry this is overdue; I may be posting less frequently for the next few months and/or asking for guest bloggers (contact me if you’re interested!) because my thesis is due soon and I really need to focus on that. But sometimes things happen that I just have to write about. This is one of those times.

My horoscope according to The Onion on April 12, 2006 proved very accurate:

Pisces:You will quickly become the most reviled villain the WWE has ever seen this week after changing your wrestling persona to that of Brian Gunderson: The Wrestler Who Staunchly Dislikes the Taste of Mayonnaise.

Not only do I “staunchly dislike” the taste of mayonnaise, I loathe it. I detest it.  I refuse to chew it; I eschew it (sorry, I had to). I’m not a huge fan of condiments in general, preferring salt instead of ketchup on my fries; butter instead of…

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