The Other Day

I’m not saying I’m psychic, but the other day I posted about snow and then it snowed. A LOT.*

I mis-typed this word the other day: resecuted. I imagine means an “out of the frying pan, into the fire” situation.

I want the Wayans brothers to make a movie spoofing fairy tales (Disney movies, Ever After, The Princess Bride, etc.). They’ll call it (ready?)…Fairy Movie. But I don’t know how they’ll spoof The Princess Bride. That movie is just one long gag reel.

Best random remake/update of a movie: Doctor Zhivago is now Omar Sheriff: Lara Enforcement.

The other day, I mis-heard the song lyrics “panic in Detroit” as “pancaking the droid.” I kind of like my version better. I also mis-heard someone on the radio ask listeners to consider including the station in their “estate plan” as “escape plan.” Can you imagine? What’s an escape plan?

If I worked in a clothing store, I would call all the models “Anakin the Mannequin.”

Watching the Russell Crowe version of Robin Hood the other day, I noticed that he didn’t pick up several coins strewn along the scene of an ambush where several people lay dead or dying. When I mentioned this aloud, saying they had to be worth quite a bit**, the guy I was watching it with said RH was going to go after the real spoils (meaning armor and chain mail). I question the intelligence of taking the armor off a dead guy. How effective could it be if the guy DIED? Isn’t that like taking someone’s bulletproof vest after he’s been shot?

So I had kind of a “Gift of the Magi” situation the other day. Because of the snow, I discovered that my car was leaking.*** I got up early to take it in, and as a result, caught an early bus to work, which was actually the on-time bus because of the snow. So really, not a “Gift of the Magi” situation at all. Oh Henry!

I want to start a coffee shop and call it (drumroll): Coffee Anon

Remember how I posted about Gmail ads mis-targeting me? Well, someone has me on the wrong snail-mailing list. The other day I got this:

Where to begin?

Where to begin?

The other side also had the bathroom symbol for men and the same information.**** I’d think it was mis-filed in my box or just a blanket mailing if it was addressed to “Current Resident” or “Occupant,” and I’d even understand if my name was ambiguous like Kelly or Kim or even Erin.***** But, it was addressed to Sarah Turner. Ms. Sarah Turner.******

Well, wish me luck. I’m reading this weekend at an event in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, there’s more bad weather in the forecast. But if you live in the area, you should come.

*I know, it was probably already in the forecast. And, considering I live in MN and it’s December, even if it wasn’t in the forecast, there’s always a good chance it will snow. But I did have a dream about a cockroach once and the next day the exterminator came, unbeknownst to me beforehand. So, you know.

**It may seem weird that he would pick up coins at the scene of a massacre, but he did rob the rich to feed the poor. In case you’re wondering, the Disney version is my favorite RH movie.

***You’ll be glad to know it actually wasn’t leaking. Whew!

****If anyone needs the phone number for this, you can private message me. Or, you know. talk to your doctor.

*****I knew a guy named Erin. Spelled that way exactly. He almost got placed on the female floor in our residence hall because they thought he didn’t know that he was male.

******I guess I should be happy they don’t make gender assumptions?


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5 responses to “The Other Day”

  1. Curling - it's not just for fun says :

    How’s this for a Coffee Shop . . . The Great Enhancers: Coffee or Milk Anyone? You can sell varieties of coffee, every variety of milk and milk-based drinks. And of course things that need enhancement . . . Just a thought.

    • Curling - it's not just for fun says :

      What exactly does “awaiting moderation” mean? I tried to be very noncontroversial.

      • sarahwithanh25 says :

        The first time someone comments on my blog, I have to “approve” the comment, just to make sure they’re not a spam-bot. You were very noncontroversial. And yes, that would be an interesting coffee shop. Does this mean you started your own blog?

      • Curling - it's not just for fun says :

        I have little to no idea what I’m doing, but no blog for me. Sorry about that.

      • sarahwithanh25 says :

        That’s okay! I just wondered because of your user name. Thanks for commenting!

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