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For those of you who couldn’t find the link, here’s my guest post reblogged. I promise I will have a new post up next Thursday (and the Thursday after that, and the Thursday after that..) Plus some amazing guest posters! Contact me if you’d like to volunteer.

That Girl Who Reads Books

Today’s guest blogger is Sarah Turner. Check out her blog, Sarah In Small Doses after you give this post a read.

Hello! I’m guest-posting this week while Charlie is away, but rest assured: she will return in a few weeks, no doubt with many more books under her belt (reading glasses?). Anyway, Charlie and I go way back, so I was very honored when she asked me to fill in for her.  Plus, it was a great opportunity for me to read a book that I had been meaning to read for some time.

I acquired Word Freak  from a former roommate of mine in Brooklyn, an editor for Penguin Publishing whose personal library would make any bibliophile swoon.  When she and her husband moved out of their room and I moved in, I inherited the books they left behind, and this nonfiction account of the Scrabble world by…

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