Double Blog Score

Some of you may wonder what I do besides blog here. Well, aside from thesis* and my part-time gig, not a whole lot lately. But if you looking for other examples of my work, let me direct you to a few places, including a site for which I guestblogged this week.

Recently, I was published on Versusan awesome (newborn) babe of an online literary journal. I’m thrilled to be part of their inaugural issue. I was also published at She Bear Lit, where I won a monthly submission contest. My friend Stephanie is always looking for collaborators on her website, so for all you writers (or I’ve-always-wanted-to-be-a writers) this is a great place to post.  And, I have a piece in my graduate student literary journal, rock, paper, scissors, which is due out in October/November. I will link to that and to any other places that graciously accept my work in the future.

As the title of this post suggests, I double-dipped into the WordPress world this week, guest-posting on my friend Charlie’s blog. If you can’t see/read the link, it’s (no “www”). Or you can find it in my Blogs to Check Out. It was very fun.

And my stats show that I hit 4,000 all-time views today. That feels momentous. I couldn’t have done it without you readers, so thank you for reading, for sharing, for suggesting posts, and for commenting. Having such a great readership feels amazing. Thanks for caring about me, one small dose at a time.

*It’s roughly 80,000 words and changing daily. I imagine it will be around 85,000 to 95,000 words by the end. For reference, this post is 274.


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2 responses to “Double Blog Score”

  1. TILT says :

    Reader unmov’d and Reader unshaken, Reader unseduc’d
    and unterrified, through the long-loud and the sweet-still
    I creep toward you. Toward you, I thistle and I climb.

    I crawl, Reader, servile and cervine, through this blank
    season, counting—I sleep and I sleep. I sleep,
    Reader, toward you, loud as a cloud and deaf, Reader, deaf

    as a leaf. Reader: Why don’t you turn
    pale? and, Why don’t you tremble? Jaded, staid
    Reader, You—who can read this and not even

    flinch. Bare-faced, flint-hearted, recoilless
    Reader, dare you—Rare Reader, listen
    and be convinced: Soon, Reader,

    soon you will leave me, for an italian mistress:
    for her dark hair, and her moon-lit
    teeth. For her leopardi and her cavalcanti,

    for her lips and clavicles; for what you want
    to eat, eat, eat. Art-lover, rector, docent!
    Do I smile? I, too, once had a brash artless

    feeder: his eye set firm on my slackening
    sky. He was true! He was thief! In the celestial sense
    he provided some, some, some

    (much-needed) relief. Reader much-slept with, and Reader I will die
    without touching, You, Reader, You: mr. small-
    weed, mr. broad-cloth, mr. long-dark-day. And the italian mis-

    fortune you will heave me for, for
    her dark hair and her moonlit-teeth. You will love her well in-
    to three-or-four cities, and then, you will slowly

    sink. Reader, I will never forgive you, but not, poor
    cock-sure Reader, not, for what you think. O, Reader
    Sweet! and Reader Strange! Reader Deaf and Reader

    Dear, I understand youyourself may be hard-
    pressed to bare this small and un-necessary burden
    having only just recently gotten over the clean clean heart-

    break of spring. And I, Reader, I am but the daughter
    of a tinker. I am not above the use of bucktail spinners,
    white grubs, minnow tails. Reader, worms

    and sinkers. Thisandthese curtail me
    to be brief: Reader, our sex gone
    to wildweather. YesReaderYes—that feels much-much

    better. (And my new Reader will come to me empty-
    handed, with a countenance that roses, lavenders, and cakes.
    And my new Reader will be only mildly disappointed.

    My new Reader can wait, can wait, can wait.) Light-
    minded, snow-blind, nervous, Reader, Reader, troubled, Reader,
    what’d ye lack? Importunate, unfortunate, Reader:

    You are cold. You are sick. You are silly.
    Forgive me, kind Reader, forgive me, I had not intended to step this quickly this far
    back. Reader, we had a quiet wedding: he&I, theparson

    &theclerk. Would I could, stead-fast, gracilefacile Reader! Last,
    good Reader, tarry with me, jessa-mine Reader. Dar-
    (jee)ling, bide! Bide, Reader, tired, and stay, stay, stray Reader,

    true. R.: I had been secretly hoping this would turn into a love
    poem. Disconsolate. Illiterate. Reader,
    I have cleared this space for you, for you, for you.

    –Olena Kalytiak Davis
    “Sweet Reader, Flanneled and Tulled” from Shattered Sonnets Love Cards and Other Off and Back Handed Importunities (Tin House/Bloomsbury, 2003)

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