An Interlude of Gratitude

I just wanted to say: Thank you, readers, for stopping by and checking out this blog periodically, whether you stumbled upon it accidentally or intentionally signed up to follow me. I appreciate your traffic and your comments, both in-person and over the web.  I know commenting publicly can be somewhat scary (it really is painless, I promise!) so I invite any of you who are interested in privately commenting (or contacting me with questions or concerns) to do so at the email address I’ve set up specifically for this site. It’s easy: I’d love to hear from you.

Along with that, I had a genius idea* the other day: remember Coffee Talk from Mike Myers? Where he plays Linda Richman and he can’t talk so he gives you a topic to talk amongst yourselves about? This isn’t like that. It’s more like the Coffee Break from MPR’s The Current morning show with Jill Riley and Steve Seel. What I’d like is for you to give me a topic and I’ll blog about it**. What’s eating you? What do you find funny? What have you always wondered about? Send it to me here (or at the above email address) and I’ll look into it.**  I’m calling it Coffee Blog and I’ll credit you in the post (or keep you anonymous, if you prefer). If I have several suggestions, I’ll write separate blog posts.
Now that I’ve taken care of that, I’d like to take this opportunity to do some shout-outs:

To Clint in Afghanistan: I think you’re my most remote regular reader. Thanks for checking in. I heard about some violence in Afghanistan recently and it made me feel better when I saw that you (well, someone in Afghanistan) had stopped by the blog. Stay safe.

Hi SaraH and family. Thanks for the material!

Hello to the Bohlig girls (Barb, I’m including you in this). I love hearing that you read the blog.

What’s up in Germany, KT? I see you peeping me.

Hugs and Kisses to Aunt Joy in China. And hello to Stacia in Thailand. It’s great having regular readers in Asia.

And a shout-out to my viewers in Canada, the UK, India, Cambodia, Singapore, and Iraq. Each of those countries has had two or more views on the blog, which is awesome. What country will be next? Australia? The Netherlands? The Philippines? Guyana? C’mon Guam!

Speaking of awesome, here are some other blogs worth checking out (I’ll also create a new page with these listed):

If you want something funny and I haven’t posted in a while (sorry!):

…You should go to my friend Spud’s site, Spud Writes. His Friday Morning Monologues are hilarious. And he does these great Venn diagrams on Venn’s Day (get it, Wednesday?). Anyway. I’ve often wanted to steal his material. I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

If you like photography:

…Feast your eyes on Paul Groessel‘s website. He is a Twin Cities photographer ♥ who gives some great tips via his blog about lighting and aperture and other photo-related words. His wedding shots are great, but the kid on the Slip-n-Slide is my favorite.

If you like beer. Or the Packers. Or drinking beer while watching the Packers. Or poetry, plays, and other prose:

…Head on over to my friend Rob’s blog, Prairie Reclamation Project. He’s a playwright who has written plays about trolls and love and Buddy Holly. (Not all in the same play. But that would be cool.) And he was my sixth-grade boyfriend. We have a great story involving a ski lift. Maybe one of us will post about it…

If you like sports:

…Check out Fifty Rows Up, by my friend and former roommate Carlee. She can reference just about every sports writer ever printed AND draw connections to classic literature, modern YA fiction, and pop culture like nobody’s business.

…or take a look at So It Goes Baseball, my friend Christine’s blog about the Twins. And Kurt Vonnegut. She is a huge fan of America’s pastime. And one of America’s greatest writers.

…or check out my friend Steve’s blog, Feelings Aren’t Numbers, which is about the Timberwolves. And sometimes the Twins. He also blogs for Hardwood Paroxysm on ESPN. He is super knowledgeable. And apparently blogs all over the place.

If you like books:

…You should definitely check out That Girl Who Reads Books by my friend Charlie. Her goal is to read every book she owns (yes, all of them!) before she buys a new one. Bibliophiles and book hoarders alike can relate. And she’s funny.***

If you like humorous stories, heartwarming anecdotes, and home remedies:

…Stop on by Prairie Wisdom. I’ve known the author personally for the better part of my life and I love her. And her blog.

If you like women in art and literature:

…Look into She Bear Literary. There’s an awesome writing/artwork contest each month and lots of other cool links.**** And my friend/”twin” Stephanie is the writer behind it.

If you like humor in books:

…Take a peek at The Oldest Jokes in the World. My friend Evan Kingston examines all the laughs literature has to offer. It’s more theoretical than hysterical, but he can point you in the direction of funny writing.

If you like writing about motherhood, wifedom, writing, and life:

…Then Puddle Soul is a good blog to look into. Laura Theobald and I had class together, and she is working on a memoir involving the men in her life.

If you’re into positivity and things that are awesome:

…Take a gander at Matt Mereck’s blog, And Now I Can Die Happy. Don’t let the morbid name fool you; it’s about things that are so cool, life feels complete after them. He’s just starting but I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

*Genius, madness, or just plain laziness? You decide.

**NO promises. But I will read it and consider posting about it. And I might post about why I didn’t post about it. Or why I thought about posting about it.

♥ He’s also the boyfriend. But that’s irrelevant.

***And she has quoted me. Plus I will be guest blogging for her in September. Look for it!

****I believe there’s still time to submit to the contest. If not, look for next month’s prompt and send your work on over!


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8 responses to “An Interlude of Gratitude”

  1. thatgirlwhoreadsbooks says :

    Thanks for the shout out. I thought Matt’s blog was called And Now Candie Happy. . AndNowCandyHappy is how my brain interpreted it, even after I read what his blog was about.

  2. Evan Kingston says :

    Thanks for putting me on, Sarah–and introducing me to all these other great blogs. I’ll try to return the favor soon, and if you’ve ever got anything to say about a specific humorous book or humor in general, I’d love to have you guest post. I’m severely lacking when it comes to insight on CNF.

  3. Christine Rousu says :

    thanks for the lovely shout out, my friend. awesome post.

  4. hougenc says :

    Thanks for the shout out, Sarah! Everything is going just wonderfully in Afghanistan : ) I will be in EC shortly. How can I get a hold of you??

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