All Whimsy Were the Corcorans, Part 3 (The Speech!)

The speech! The speech! The long-awaited speech!

Here is the link to find it (privately) on YouTube. Thanks to my aunt Patty for filming it and my uncle Jim for sending it to me. The part that is cut off of the beginning is me saying, “For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Libby’s sister. I know we don’t look alike, but I promise we are related.” And go.

Looking at pictures of the wedding reminded me of  something that happened when we were at the salon. I knew Libby wanted a side bun but she let the bridesmaids choose their own hairstyles. I like a low bun when I’m in weddings; it’s classic, it’s easy, and it’s off my neck.  I didn’t want to have the same hair as Libby, but when the stylist suggested we slide it to the side for a change, I figured it would be okay. I am very easily talked into things at the hair salon.*

“Do you want some shimmer?” the stylist asked me, uncapping a small hairspray bottle.

“Ummm…” I said, not wanting to disappoint her but not really wanting to “sparkle.”**

“Don’t worry, I promise it won’t be like glitter,” she assured me, misting me with a cloud of glitter.

“Oh my gosh, your hair looks great,” said Tasha, one of the other bridesmaids. “It’s very sparkly,” joined in Corky, the other bridesmaid.

“Yeah,” I said, lowering my voice. “I didn’t really want it like this.”

“Wow, glitter,” my mom said when she saw it later at the house where we stayed. I explained the story. Since I got my hair done first, I set the precedent. Every person after that also got glitter-fogged.***

Each time someone saw my hair for the first time, they would make a comment about how “sparkly” or “glittery” it was. Libby’s hair shimmered too.

“She didn’t even ask me, she just sprayed,” Libby explained. Blerg. My hairstyle affected the bride’s, which was exactly what I didn’t want. I could have prevented it, too. At one point the hairstylist couldn’t get the spray bottle to work.

“I think it’s clogged,” she said, shaking the bottle and depressing the top several times. Nothing came out. She searched around her workspace for a replacement bottle to use. “Do you think I can add it to what’s left of this hairspray?”

“Actually, I have one you can use,” I said, digging through my bridesmaid kit and pulling out an empty spray bottle.**** Don’t ask why it was in there; I have no idea. I handed it over to her and she dumped in the rest of the shimmery concoction, which resembled watered down glitter nail polish. If I had thought about it, I would have just told her not to use the sparkle spray. But maybe she would have just poured it into her hand and flicked it on our heads, like I did with hairspray one time when it clogged.***** Oh well. Libby’s shining moment wasn’t over-sparkled by the bridesmaids. She glowed, like any bride should.

*Not just at the hair salon. This past weekend I shot archery with my friend Charlie. The same friend I went trampolining with. It was awesome. I will probably post about it.

**Sometimes I wouldn’t mind sparkling. But not this time.

***Glitter-misted? Glitter-bombed.

****I told you I had everything in that kit. Everything. Except safety pins, for some reason.

*****And by one time, I mean until the bottle ran out. I hate to throw a perfectly good bottle of hairspray away. What? I’m working on the hoarding.


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8 responses to “All Whimsy Were the Corcorans, Part 3 (The Speech!)”

  1. thatgirlwhoreadsbooks says :

    Awe! Your speech was perfect, funny and sweet. You’re the perfect sister, friend, and bridesmaid. 🙂 I usually just write what I want to say down and put it in a card for fear of crying too hard in public.

  2. prairiewisdom says :

    As usual a perfect speech by a beautiful young woman (with glitter hair:)

  3. Michael says :

    Even though I was there when you did the toast live, it still brought tears to my eyes . . . and made me very proud all over. Mom and I are truly blessed.

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