It’s Hip to Be Sare…ah

Sometimes the lights that don’t come on say so much. Driving past Old Chicago the other day the “AGO” had burned out, making it Old Chic, which sounds like a great name for an antique furniture store. I wished the “A” had come on, making it Old Chica, which is either a good name for a clothing store catering to 70-somethings who want to dress like children or a terrible name for an abuela-run Mexican restaurant. The reverse ending, Old Ago, sounds like an alternate name for the Days of Yore.  “Back in the time of Old Ago, feudal lords ruled the land…”

When planning a bachelorette party recently, I came up with the term “Hipster stripster.” Imagine, if you will, what a stripper dressed as a hipster would look like: non-prescription Buddy Holly glasses, a ducktail and/or three-week-old beard, insisting everyone only take pictures with his vintage camera–”The surprise is the real gift!”*  He would chug a PBR before swinging his Goodwill-acquired plaid button-down shirt over his head, “Can’t Touch This” “ironically” playing from a cassette tape on his boombox. The T-shirt underneath his button-down is the self-titled first album cover for Led Zeppelin with the words “It’s hard out there for a blimp” self-screen-printed over the burning Hindenburg image. The only issue? It is ridiculously hard to take off skinny jeans.** But hipster stripster has such a good ring to it!***

According to a strange study,**** there are a lot of hipsters in Minnesota. There are also a lot of near-sighted lumberjacks. Coincidence?

I like that when you say it, “Writer” could be “righter,” as in “I’m a righter, I set things right.” Unfortunately, I did a lot of cutting and pasting on my final project for my MFA recently and now it’s all in thesis-pieces. What is a writer/righter to do?

WordPress sends out emails regarding how to better serve/expand your blog audience (blogdience? blaudience?) I thought I would open it up you for suggestions. Feel free to post in the comments section or private-message me, if you’d like.

SO my thesis is due in about a month (30 days, but who’s counting?) which means this might be my only post for a little while. If you are missing me, you should check out my friend Spud’s blog.  He is very funny.  And he makes awesome Venn diagrams! For you sporty folks out there, my old roommate’s blog covers everything from the accountability of athletes’ wives to Zambonis, with lots of references to pop culture and classic literature thrown in for good measure. Share the blog traffic love! Muah!

*This Sarah is not related or affiliated with Sarah’s Best.  But she does like to support other Sara(h)s whenever possible.

**You just pictured that didn’t you?

***This Sarah DOES NOT condone stripping. She does, ironically, condone hipsterism.

****It’s strange because why does anyone care? Also, according to the article, the reason Minnesota is #1 for hipsters is that it leads the nation in searches for the term “hipster.” So it should say, “Minnesota is #1 in having no idea what a hipster is.”  Or “Minnesota Googles Hipsters More Than Any Other State,” which sounds oddly dirty. I can see that on a T-shirt: the outline of MN + Google homepage + the image of a hipster. See above.


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