Thoughts on Thirty, Part 2

I’m back! Sorry for not posting last week; I took a small trip to the Windy City and didn’t get as much done beforehand as I thought I would, including posting. I plan to do two posts this week to make up for it. But I like knowing you missed me.  I missed you, too.

SO last time I posted about my anxiety and mixed feelings over turning 30.  Like most things I worry about, now that it’s happened and I have officially turned 30, I wonder what in the world I worried about. I still hesitate a little when giving my age (but that’s probably because it’s still so new and with age comes forgetfulness), but I’ve started owning it more.  And owning it feels good. Thirty seems full of possibility, like a new blank document waiting for me to write the Helvetica out of it. Plus, someone I didn’t know hit on me ON MY BIRTHDAY, so I got a giant ego-boost.  Which is nice.

As promised, here is my list of 30 by 30: Thirty things I wanted to do before I turned 30. I am not including everything because some wouldn’t make sense to anyone but me and some of them are private, but most of them I’ve pasted below.  Enjoy!

Sarah’s 30 By 30:

  1. Submit to 30 places
  2. Finish a triathlon
  3. Learn to knit a scarf 
  4. Travel abroad (a country that doesn’t speak English as primary language)
  5. Try surfing
  6. Ride a motorcycle
  7. Ask a guy out (in earnest)
  8. Live in my own apartment
  9. Go whitewater rafting as an adult
  10. Practice my language skills (French or Spanish)
  11. Drive a boat
  12. Enter some kind of eating contest
  13. Get a dog
  14. Be in a play/improv show
  15. Make Irish Stew
  16. Go whalewatching 
  17. Finish first draft of thesis
  18. Start second book 
  19. Ski in the Rocky Mountains
  20. Organize files and shred old docs/receipts
  21. Learn all the Presidents in order and one fact about each
  22. Visit 30 of the 50 States
  23. Start flossing every day
  24. Make bed every day
  25. Learn to rollerskate backwards or do leg over leg turns
  26. Stop all bad habits.  You know what they are.

You probably noticed I didn’t hit all of them.  I submitted to several places but not quite 30.  I learned to rollerskate backwards but only so slowly that I nearly standstill.  I organized my files but didn’t shred old documents, and I learned the Presidents in order but not an interesting fact about each one.  I didn’t enter an eating contest (which, in hindsight, makes me very happy), I can’t get a dog in my current situation, and although I auditioned a couple of times when I first moved here, I haven’t been in a play or improv show since college.

BUT I not only learned to knit, I made four scarves this fall.  I completed a triathlon in under my goal time, which I plan to repeat in August.  I lived by myself and finished the first draft of my thesis.  I traveled abroad, went skiing in the Rockies, tried surfing, and drove a boat (that last one I completed just under the wire–who would have thought I’d end up on the ocean in February?).  Anything I didn’t complete (including 20 and 26) and those items I half-finished (like 23, 24, and the oh-so vague 30) I can add to my 40 by 40 list. And that one is a doozy…


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4 responses to “Thoughts on Thirty, Part 2”

  1. Sara Dailey says :

    I had no anxiety about turning 30 a few years ago; however, this year I’m feeling weirdly anxious about my birthday, even though it is 6 months away. I think it has to do with finishing my third and *final* (I swear it, even if my family doesn’t believe me) degree. I hear my previous words “maybe when I’m done with school” coming back to haunt me. Now I’ll need another excuse for all the things I’m not doing.

    • sarahwithanh25 says :

      You can only do so many things at a time. All the things you are *not* doing allow you to do the things you *are* doing. A lot can happen in six months. I hope this is your best birthday yet.

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